Blog Guidelines

1. Blog entries / comments must be posted as directed by Mrs. Hole and the ever changing schedule.

2.  Each blog post must be a minimum of 5 complete sentences.  I would definitely suggest writing more.  The more you write on a daily basis, even if commenting on other students blogs, the more your fluency will grow.  That is one of the main goals of this class.

3.  Please keep your entry content school appropriate.  If you wouldn’t say it around me or around your parents, don’t write it in this blog. Your blog not only represents you, it also represents your school and district.

4.  Comments on classmates’ posts are expected to be appropriate and respectful.  No one will bully, insult, or put down anyone at anytime.

5.  Your posts should be written using your own words.  If you refer to other content outside (articles, images, videos, etc.), link back to the source. Use an embedded link instead of MLA citations; this is how you cite work on a blog.

6. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know!