thanksgiving traditions

Every thanksgiving we go to my uncles house in maryland and spend 4-5 days there. he always add’s somthieng cool. his house was going to be a hotel that they were building and never finished and he bought it and finished it and so its this huge house. like 3 years ago he added a aquarium with frogs crickets and guppys. his house is it is 2 storys high and has 13 places to sleep a secret room in the house a treehouse as tall as the trees and it is all in the wood’s.

most critical to pa history and united states

“Americans had problems with great britain because they had to pay taxes to britain that made american people mad. fighting broke out between the british and america won and the declaration of independence was written. After the war ended a war with france  and great britain started and america joined the war against great britain making it hard for the united states of america to trade with countries of europe in 1814 the british captured and burned washington d.c philadelphians feared an attack on there city was next  although the british never marched through philadelphia many citizens rushed to protect the city one group was led by two african american preachers named absolom jones and richard allen

The war finally ended  when great britain and the united states signed a peace treaty in belgium late in 1814 one of the people who helped to work out an end to the war was albert gallatin a pennsylvanian who was active in

my economics invention noah d

My invention is by noah

Is a wood stove made of soup cans it about a foot and a half long and made of four cans 2 small and 2 big cans cut a hole in the big can and stick the small can in the hole and weld a another small can on top of the other can rim to rim and cut a hole on both big cans on the top weld them to together and make your stove door to


Titanic was british passenger liner that sank in the north atlantic ocean it left april 10 1912 at 11:40 pm april 15 1912 it hit the iceberg at 2:00 am it sank there


was 2,224 people on board around 1,500 people died it was one of the deadliest disasters in history it was the biggest ship afloat it was built by harland and wolff shipyard in belfast thomas andrews and died in the disaster it carried some of the wealthiest people in the

world the lifeboats were only partly loaded at 2,20  it broke in half 2 hours after the wreck another ship

came to the scene and rescue 705 survivors it was a bad wreck the titanic was 882 feet long and 92 feet wide it was 104 feet tall it weighed 52,310 tons      


Great white shark


Noah diem A great white shark is bigger than than any other shark.  and strong. and a great 20 feet’s stronger than any  other shark.great white has warm muscles so ther stronger than other sharks.  I got info from online