January 10

Holiday Break!

Hey everyone! Its Margaret again and today I am going to talk about holiday break! So many things have happened before holiday break and it’s hard to get back on track again! So I know you are wondering what I did over break, but what I did was probably what a lot of other people do over the holidays: hang out with family! I mean, doesn’t everyone love to spend time with the people you love most? I think that it is a great thing to get outside and hang out with your favorite people! Anyway I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I am glad that everyone had a great break and this is Margaret Cuthie signing off!

November 6

Washington DC, should you go there?

Hello everyone and thank you for coming back to read my new blog post!  This new blog post is about our 6th grade field trip about Washington DC! We had woke up at around 5:00 in the morning, so we could get ready to get to the buses at 6:10. After we got on the buses the 3 hour drive had began. Me and my twin sister Nora had seen a lot together throughout Maryland, and even Elliot City! We saw a huge pineapple on top of a building and also a pink truck! Along with those, we saw a two-story McDonald’s! Eventually we got to Arlington Cemetery and we started to walk up the steep hill. When we got to the top we had top be really quiet because something special happens there, the Changing of the Guard. This is when we get to see the tomb of the unknown soldier. They had also changed the wreath the hangs in front of the tomb. Before that we went to see the Eternal Flame. This is a special flame that is always lit and is in honor of our 35th president John F Kennedy or his nickname, JFK.

After the ceremonies were over we had to walk back down the hill and then eat our lunch on the buses. After lunch the buses dropped us off at some memorials to look at. Such as the Washington Memorial, the Vietnam Memorial and so much more! After that, we finally got to my favorite part: The Museums! We went to the American History Museum first and we saw so much cool stuff! Right as we walked in we saw the bat-mobile and older things in glass cases. We also went to other exhibits so we could see the first lady dresses and we also saw Mrs. Trumps inaugural dress and it was beautiful! We also saw Dorothy shoes and they were amazing! Did you know that the shoes that were in the glass case were two different pairs of shoes! We couldn’t tell the difference, but we have some theories! Like the bow was missing some sparkles, they might have used a different type of something, we are not sure.

After the American History Museum, we went a couple blocks down the the Natural History Museum. We went to see the Hope Diamond and many, many other beautiful aquamarines and topaz! It was the most beautiful room ever! There were diamonds, aquamarines, emerald, ruby’s and also lots of topaz! The Hope Diamond was the biggest diamond I had ever seen! Now you might think it is going to be really big, but if you close your fingers in a circle, that is about how big the diamond is. Anyway I think that it was really nice. After that we went to see the mammals and what makes a mammal and what its purpose is. We saw bats and cheetah’s and gazelles and hyena’s and they were all just really cool to see. We also saw a couple zebra’s.

We had to leave though because then we would be late for dinner and everyone is supposed to be meeting outside the Natural History Museum. So the 6th graders and teachers and chaperones and parents all walked together to the Ronald Reagan Building. In the food court was where we would eat dinner. By the time I eventually got my food, it was around 4:25 and I only had 5 minutes to eat so eventually I had to take it on the bus with a to go box. We all had to wait for our buses and when they came we got on and started our way back to New Holland Elementary School.

Eventually we had got to the school at around 8:05 to go back home. When I got home I got dressed and had gone right to sleep.

So I think that you should go to DC. I think that it was a really fun place for me and I think that you would probably like the museums that are there. There is so much cool stuff for you to see and it was very enjoyable. My favorite part out of this entire trip would be just going there and being with my friends and seeing all these cool sights. It was fun and I think you should go. This is Margaret again, signing off!

October 18

Is Recycling Good…. or Bad?

Today I am going to talk to you about whether recycling may be good or bad. I think that electronic waste, or E- waste, is bad. Now I know what your thinking,  “I thought recycling was a bad thing, Whaaaat?” I know, I know. I think this because our 17 global goals are 17 goals that our United Nation,(UN) has made to improve our world for sustainable development. We need to reach these goals by 2030. When people burn plastic to recover copper the fumes can get into the atmosphere and then, especially when done in open areas, can harm the environment. Which is effecting global goal #15: Life on Land. In a Newsela article I had read, it said, “Gold in electronics can be recovered using powerful chemicals.” “The leftover chemicals are often dumped, which can harm the water.” This means that excess chemicals are being dumped into the water. This effects #14: Life Below Water. Something good about E-waste is that we trade them to countries that think they are valuable.  Something that we could do about it is that we need to look at the big picture. Governments also think that this is a environmental problem. We also need to look at new information and it could change the way that we look at the problem. I hope you agree with me! Please help by taking our solutions, this is Margaret Cuthie signing off!