job interview

I am chloeigh and this is the story of the time I had my first ever job interview. Here’s how I introduced myself


     Hi my name is chloeigh.I am an teacher. I became a teacher because I love working with kids also because I get paid to do what I love                                                                                                                                                                          


What do you know about our company and this job?


           Your school  has large enough rooms that the kids can work together. I know  that the kids have their own computers that they can work on. Also You accept any kid to your school


          What experience do you have in this job field?


           I have pasted two tests, I have been in school for four years, I have gotten my degree to be a teacher.



  • What skills do you possess that would make you good at this job?



          I do not pass out at the sight of blood, I do not get mad at the kids even if        they do not understand thing that they are learning in school, I will not get mad at other teacher or parents that come to the classroom.



  • What personal character traits do you exhibit that will make you an asset to our company?



Some character traits I have are I am helpful, I am kind, I am trustworthy, I am smart.


          Tell us about your leadership skills and how you collaborate with others.


        I collaborate with other very well, I will work with kids politely

Why do you want to work with us?


          I like to teach other kids in different grades.


         What challenges are you looking for in this position?


    I want to learn thing while i am a teacher.

         Why should we hire you?


You should hire me because i am going to be a good teacher,I will help the kids learn a lot of stuff.


 Then , I finished by telling them why they should hire me.


     I very much want to work with your company. As you can see I would be very good for this job because i work best with kids. So I would like to be a teacher


what i did over the weekend

over the weekend i went to my Grammy and i celebrated my sisters birthday.

so when i went to my Grammy no one was home and then they all came home and my cousins were there and they came home with a puppy which  it a  pug and a bagel and the dog name is elie and a mouse and it sleeps in the day and it is a wake at night  and its name is cookie. so then we went to my momoms to show her the dog and the mouse and so then we went back and then me and my cousins played with the dog.

the we celebrated my sisters birthday  and so my mom got us ice cream cake and  for mothers day we got a  cookie cake and then we ate food then we did cake and then we did presents and then we all sat down and then we talked and then me and my cousins all played with the puppy and then we played with other dogs and then we played out side even though it was raining and then we toke the dog for a walk then we went back in side of the house.

that is what i did over the weekend it was fun!!!!

My weekend

over the weekend I stayed home. I played with my brother on the x-box. then i watched tv. I watched animal planet. then I went to sleep. then i woke up like around  6:00. then I  played on my phone until my mom woke up  when she woke up we whent to get some food. then we whent to the mall. then we whent  home and then on sunday i cleaned my room. that is what i did over the weekend.

the puppy warrior part two

then they woke up and then they are breck fest and then they went to the park and then they went home and ate lunch then they  went to the store to get stuff for diner then they  ate dinner and then they went to sleep and then the dog woke up and there was a cat out side and then he went out side and there was another one and as  he kept going and gong he found  more and more  cats and then they lead him all the way down the  road and then they lead him to  another warrior  but it was not a dog  it was a cat and then they where  called and then they where transported to a world that no one knew about and the ther were frogs every where and then they saw a frog standing and then those three where transported to another would where they had to fight to get home and then the foght and then they all talked and the way home that they all had owners to be continued …………

the puppy warrior part one

once there was a puppy and his name was  bobby. He was secretly a warrior but no one knows that he is a warrior he doesn’t even know. one day him and his owner went for a walk and so they walked to the store  they walked to the dog park they walked everywhere because they wanted to and they liked it. they would only go on nice days. if it was not nice he would get the stuff delivered to his house.then one day they went on a walk and the dog saw  someone doing bad things like stealing then he ran after him and then he started to stand and then he magically got weapons and then  the owner passed out then they went to the hospital and then he woke up  then they they went home to eat food. then they went to sleep. then they woke up.  to be continued ……………..

the thing that I like

Loki3 Ralph Kränzlein via Compfight

i like cats because  my family has lots of cats. I  have two cats  they are out side cats because of my dogs.

An Unlikely FriendshipCreative Commons License Sydney Petty via Compfight

this is what my yellow lab looks like. she is one of  the reason my cats are outside cats. her name is zoe.

Street photo Daniele Marzocchi via Compfight

this is what my chiwawa looks like and he is one of the reasons my cats are outside cats. his name is colbe. I have a malties to his name is buddy.

that is all the thing that i like.


my yellow lad

Let's go for a ride!Creative Commons License Shelby L. Bell via Compfight 

my yellow lab is cute, but annoying sometimes. i still love her anyway. she will jump but if you tell her no she will stop. when she need to go she will run to the door. then when it is snowing  she will play outside for at least an hour.then she will come back inside and then she will have  her food. then she will go play outside more. then she will go to sleep with me she knows when we are going to sleep. then we wack up and then we go get food i give her her food first and then i will get my food that is all about my yellow lab.