All 35 trout are still alive the trout are now fingerlings they’re starting to grow red fins. The trout have parr marks the parr marks are on top of a trout’s back they are black so when predators look down they are camouflaged because the bottom of the stream is black so the trout’s back blends in to their surroundings.

The Titanic

1912 We were just boarding the titanic and most people said that it was unsinkable, so it was the perfect ride. But some were not sure mine name is jacob and I am 12 years old. So we left, we were on the top deck. The reason that we are leaving New South Hampton is that my dad got a job at New York. It was around lunchtime so we went to this fancy place to eat there was all of this food. We sat at a dinner table and ate steak the best steak I ever ate. I had some peas too. That they were delicious too. After the meal we looked at the sea it was as beautiful as the blue in the sky. We were in the Atlantic Ocean then I wean a huge rumble I heard screaming and yelling so we got on top dack. Then I saw it, I was filled with fear the titanic…… WAS SINKING! Everybody was running and screaming I almost fell off the titanic, but a boy saved me he said his name was grant and I said mine was jacob. Then when we were almost to the boats grant almost hit his head but, I caught him. We got on a boat most people did not get on but there’s room so more got on. Then we left we got to new york and my dad got a job and had a good life.
The end.