May 23

School Uniform summary

I read the article called Should students wear uniforms? The article was about 2 students sharing their own opinion. One student wants to wear uniform because of various reasons and another student doesn’t want to wear a uniform because of other reasons. I think schools should not make students wear uniforms, personally I would hate to wear uniforms because I wouldn’t feel comfortable and I would not feel like myself, another reason why I would not like to wear uniforms is because everyone would be dressed the same and it would be hard to find your friends because everyone looks the same. But in the other hand if everyone wears the same thing they would not be judged because of what their wearing because everyone is wearing the same thing.But I wouldn’t wear a uniform because I want to feel like myself this is why I don’t want to wear a uniform.

April 24

My favorite part from TUCK EVERLASTING

I have read 4 chapters from TUCK EVERLASTING and so far like the book it is very mysterious and interesting. My favorite part from the book is when the man in the yellow suit appears in Winnie’s backyard. This was my favorite part because it was the most interesting part from the book in my opinion, this was also my favorite part because I have only read four chapters and there very short and I couldn’t really find any other part to be my favorite part.

April 24


I am going to start to read a new book called TUCK EVERLASTING  and I think it’s going to be a about a  family  that lives forever lives forever because of drinking from a magic spring and the family is trying to keep it a secret but then a girl suspects that the family is hiding something. I think the family is also going to have a boy and the girl and the boy are going to become best friends and the boy is going to tell the girl the big secret. I think that this is what the story is going to be about because of the title that is  TUCK EVERLASTING because of the front picture of a boy and a girl and  lastly because of the back cover that tells us a little about the story.

April 6

Book or Movie

Last week we finished the book The Watsons Go to Birmingham, so we watched the movie of it

And I liked, the book a lot better than the movie because the book had a lot more detail and  more characters.The movie didn’t have as much detail and it didn’t include some characters and it  skipped or put scenes together, For example the book was more interesting because it included buphead and Ruffes.The movie also did not include both sides of Byron for example it showed byron’s mean side but the movie didn’t really properly express byron good side this is why I liked the book better.

March 23

Is This Guy Trying to Sell You Something

In the article I read, Is This Guy Trying to Sell You Something?, is about different celebrities making advertisements on Instagram here is one of the celebrities that were making advertisements,Kylie Jenner she posted a picture of her in jeans and wrote “Obsessed with my @fashionnova jeans” the post that she posted received a lot of likes I think the people who make the advertisements mostly choose famous people to be in the advertisement because their fans will maybe then buy the product and the product will become popular because the famous person was wearing the product or using the product that was a little about what I read.

February 19

The Watsons go to Birmingham

In chapter 1 of The Watsons Go to Birmingham, we learned about a family of five who live in Flint,Michigan in the middle of a very cold winter. The characters are Mom, Dad, Joetta, Byron and Kenny who is the main character. One of the conflicts is it’s very cold and the heat doesn’t work in the house. Mom doesnt like living in Michigan because it’s too cold. Since the heat isn’t working, they called their aunt and asked if they could spend the night at her house because her house was always warm. Then their aunt said yes, so Dad send Byron and Kenny to scrape the ice off the car. Byron goes outside with Kenny and Byron doesn’t want to do his side of the car. Kenny told Byron that this time he is not scraping Byron’s side of the car. Byron was distracted by his reflection and started kissing the mirror. When he kissed the mirror, his lips got stuck to the mirror. Kenny went to get help for Byron. It took a while to get his lips off the mirror. Then, Mom pulled him from the mirror. Then the family left to go to their aunts house

One thing I learned about their family was that they don’t really get along. My favorite part about the story is when Byron’s lip gets stuck to the cars mirror.That is what happens in chapter 1.

December 11

My Ideal Career

The  ideal career for me would be an actress, and here is three reasons why I think I should be an actress. My first reason in why I should be an actress is that I am not shy and actors and actresses cant be shy because they have to say lines in front of a lot of people. My second reason in why I think I should an actress is because I have a good memory,actors need a good memory because they need to remember lines. My third and last reason in why I think I should be an actress is because I express myself a lot, and actors need expression because like for example if one of your lines are “ eww where having green beans for dinner”  you have groan and act like you’re disgusted and disappointed or something like that so people know you hate green beans.These where my three reasons in why I think I should be and actress.