Week 16

For my book, I chose to read Paper Towns by John Green. I really enjoyed this book. The characters and the storyline were both interesting and enjoyable. I would recommend reading it since it was never really boring at any part of it and John Green is a good writer. For my project, I thinkContinue reading Week 16

Week 14

How important is the family dynamic in today’s society? Should children still obey their parents? For how long? I think family dynamics are something that will always be important as our connections with the people closest to us are very crucial. I think children should obey their parents in most scenarios because most of theContinue reading Week 14

Week 15

What is good about our society today? What makes you proud to be American? I think something that is good about our society today is that most people have gotten to a point, especially most people in younger generations, where they are more willing to accept and understand the diversity of people and their differences.Continue reading Week 15

Week 13

https://www.theatlantic.com/newsletters/archive/2023/04/social-media-influencers-american-economy/673762/ This article is about how some people believe that the American Dream is being changed due to the heavy impact of social media and the internet. Now, more people have dreams relating to becoming an influencer on social media. People wish to have the fame and money associated with becoming big on social mediaContinue reading Week 13

Week 12

For my book project, I chose the book Paper Towns by John Green. I chose this book because I have read books by John Green before and I like his writing and him. I have not started reading it yet though but I think I will like it.

Week 8

The article I found is about how China is going to reopen to tourists and resume all visas that they took away due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This article relates to topics in class because the ways that some people acted due to Covid could be considered mass hysteria. Even though Covid killed many andContinue reading Week 8

Week 7

I read “Slaughterhouse-Five” by Kurt Vonnegut. Overall, I enjoyed the way the story jumped around from different settings and parts of Vonnegut’s memories. I enjoyed the humor that was included even though the topics and memories in the book could tend to be dark. The switching of the stories helped to keep my attention, thoughContinue reading Week 7