May 21


Hello everyone, I have an announcement to make. Me and my two other friends are bringing back a clan that was not very popular and we are trying to make it grow and become a bigger army. It is called F2G. (Faithful to the Grind) Me and a bunch of my other friends created it but now we all spilt up and went our owns ways so now we are bringing it back. We only have three members. F2G Foooz, Geo and Onxy. I’m F2G Foooz so go check out my channel on youtube. We also do any platform because Onxy is a xbox player when me and Geo are PS4 players.


So if you guys want to join and you know what fortnite is and have an account then put your epic name down in the comment section so I can add you whenever me or whoever can play you.


To get in the clan you will have to beat one of us and if you do you are now in F2G. But it’s best out of three in a 1v1 or if you have another friend we can 2v2 when possible.


I will be making a F2G website soon so keep updated for that it will have all the information you need.


So good luck and I hope to meet you guys soon, have a good day.

May 21

The Escape (Chapter 1: The Prison)

    Based Off the Escape from Alcatraz


“Get your hands off me” I said. Ok let me go back. I escaped from prison about 25 times and I just robbed a gas station because I needed the money and I got caught. Ok back to it. I got taken to the station. They decided what to do with me. They told me to get up and get in the car. “Hey officer, where we going” I asked. He replied “To Megatraz”. He told me to get out of the car and get on a boat. I’m not gonna lie I was so confused. I was on the boat and sitting in a room with a FBI officer with handcuffs and the door was locked so I couldn’t escape. The boat stopped and I have gotten off the boat and looked up and saw a huge building that looked like a prison. I entered and they pulled up all my criminal records and it said that I escaped 25 times. The girl that was at the front desk started giggling and said “That ain’t gonna happen this time”. I didn’t know what she meant right there.We went up some stairs into a room with a general. I was in there with a bunch of other prisoners. The general started to talk “You guys are here because you escaped prison a bunch of times and or other prisons are full, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES, WE ARE UNABLE TO TRY TO ESCAPE OR YOU WILL BE PUNISHED, NO TRYING TO PAY THE GUARDS TO GET YOU OUT, AND THE LAST RULE IS THE STRICEST, HELPING OTHERS GET OUT YOU WILL BE PUNISHED BADLY. UNDERSTAND ME”. No one replied. We left the room and started up another set of stairs and they took me to cell block A. Right next to me was a guy names Jackson Luster and they put me and my brother right next to each other Jace. Jace has escaped also from prison many times. But Jackson he escaped every single time he was in prison 129 times, so he was like an expert. I was laying on the bed trying to figure out if I could escape from here but I had no ideas. But then Jackson whispered into my cell and said “Hey you wanna escape with me and your brother”. I got up immediately and asked him “How”? “Just listen up here, you see those little bars”. Said Jackson. “Yeah” I replied. “Take this drill and unscrew the screws in it and go straight up until you see a room with dust all over it, got it”! “Yeah” I said. Jackson and Jace started to play some instruments while I was drilling. I replaced that thing with cardboard so no one noticed I was up there. I started to crawl up there and when I got to the room Jace and Jackson were up there. “Did you put your dummy in place with the blankets” asked Jace. “Uhhh, no” I replied with a scared voice. “Oh no were screwed” said Jackson. “Go back down there and put your dummy on top of the pillow and put the blankets to look like your body” said Jace. I went back down, I open the the bars up and start to put the dummy on top of the pillow until I hear a guard come to my cell. “What are you doing” said the guard. And I was holding the dummy in my hand. “Uhhhh” I said in straight fear.

          To Be Continued…

May 21

The Outsiders, What makes a gang and a pack different to Ponyboy

Ponyboy explains what makes a gang and a pack different. A gang to Ponyboy is when stick up for your members. But a pack is when you don’t stick up for a member, you stick together. This shows that the socs don’t stand up for each other, but when the jump the greasers they stay together. This also shows that the greasers don’t stay with each other but they stick up for each other For example, when Ponyboy walks home alone from the movies he gets jumped by the socs and Darry comes to save him

May 21

What Will I Do to Help Others?

By: Owen Usner


What I would do to help others is by helping the homeless and helping others when there down. And I would do this by donating clothes, food and items like toys for children. I would also help by cheering them by like saying like “ Hey your doing good keep going” or “ Hey no one is judging give it the best you can”. I try to help others the most I can because it’s the right thing to do. So the next time you see a homeless man, woman child doesn’t matter give them a dollar or two it won’t be much but it will brighten their day by a lot. And if someone is down give them a hand and put you in there shoes and help them. So what are you going to do? Write a blog like I did about what you will do to help others. Until next time, i’m Owen Usner and sighing off, see you later.

May 21

Raiders Beat the Steelers

Oakland Raiders

By: Owen Usner

The oakland raiders beat the pittsburgh steelers 21-24 and now were 3-10. I’m happy we won but my mom and dad got to go to the game in oakland when were in pennsylvania. Ok so if you didn’t watch the game i’ll tell you about it. Doug Martin scored the first touchdown so were up 0-7. But the steeler get to maybe the 15 yard line and chris boswell goes for the field goal and misses which is huge in this game for later on. So we get ball back didn’t do anything but then the steelers score. So were tied 7-7. We get the ball back again and do nothing. We get a field goal next possession so we’re up 7-10 A couple seconds left and big ben throughs to juju and they get a touchdown right before halftime. So there up 14-10. So this is where the game starts to change. Thh steelers score a touchdown so there winning 21-10. But the raiders ain’t going down without a fight. We also score a touchdown but were still not in field goal points yet. So we stop them on the next possession forcing them to punt. Were on the goal line and we keep getting stuffed, so now it’s 4th and goal at the 12 yard line with 26 seconds to go. They snap the ball carr looking throwing and it’s caught for a touchdown. Raiders are now winning 21-24. And that was the final score. The raiders beating the steelers.


                        THE END   

May 21

The Unknown



Hi my name is Sam and this is my story on how I survived the unknown. I was age 19 at the time and tomorrow was my birthday. I worked in a sewage place to get rid of all the alligators there. I was a alligator hunter. It was around 11:23 when I see a really dark thing in the water. I jump in but it disappeared. I try to get back up to the surface but something pulled me back under. Then I see the thing open it’s huge mouth but in the nick of time I grab a piece of broken glass and stab him in the eye. I swim back up and I got on the surface this time. I looked at my watch and it was 11:59 one more minute till I was 20. The thing was on the sealing and it jumps off right at me but when he touches me he shatters into a million pieces. I went home and research the thing I was fighting. And it called the unknown and it hates teenagers so I guess when he touched me I was 20 and he can’t kill adults. This is what i’m guessing. Hope you guys enjoyed this because that was the most scariest thing in my life.     

May 21

Pumpkin Spice

         Pumpkin Spice


Once upon a time there were four boys. Owen, Jackson, Jace and then there’s me Dylan Wineski. And this is my story on how we survived pumpkin spice. It was October 31st 1998. Me and my friends we’re out trick or treating. And we decided to take a shortcut through some woods that would get us to the best neighborhood ever! So we were walking through the woods and I was the furthest behind so I couldn’t really see anything. Then around 9:30 or so I start to hear footsteps behind me. I didn’t want to look behind me because I was too scared. Then all the sudden the footsteps go away and didn’t hear them the rest of the night. But that wasn’t the end of it. We start to see a very bright light in front of us. We get closer and closer until we notice the legend about pumpkin spice is true. Owen, Jace and jackson all start running. I was way too scared to run. It felt like I was frozen. Then pumpkin spice tried to grab me but that was the point I ran. I didn’t know I ran the wrong way from my friends. So I ended up near a cabin in the woods. I go to enter it to see if my friends were in there. I call for there names 3 times but I got no response. Until the 4th time they were calling my name saying they were in the bathroom. I start to walk toward the bathroom slowly. I get to the bathroom and open the door slowly and that was the most scariest moment of my life. It was pumpkin spice standing right at the door and he was impersonating my friends voices. I passed out on the ground and that was the last I saw that cabin. I woke up tied to a chair in a very dark room with only a lantern lighting up the room. Then I start to hear footsteps coming my way. There were at least 6 pairs of feet coming my way. The door opens and it turns out it was just my friends. They untie me and we start to run back home but pumpkin spice saw us. He starts to run after us. We run behind a tree and hide. I take a stick and as pumpkin spice was running I come out with the stick and whack him on the head with it. We start to run because pumpkin spice was knocked out cold. We get out of those woods and we started to make a run for it to get to home. I look back at the woods and see pumpkin spice waving at me then he disappears into in air.    



-Pumpkin Spice

May 21

Africa (Part 2) Billy Bob’s Adventure

Make sure you guys read part 1 first or you’ll be very confused. ENJOY


They arrive at North Carolina on there megalodon. The both had the same feeling something bad was gonna happen. There feeling were right, another hurricane was going to hit. Billy Bob Jr gets frightened after an F10 tornado is forming. They got back on there megalodon and tried to get away but the winds were to strong. They look over at the beach and see that another tsunami was coming. At that point they gave up. The F10 tornado formed and coming right for them and the tsunami was about to hit while the streets were already flooded by the hurricane. It was a disaster. The tornado picked them up and shot them through the air. As there about to crash they get on their megalodon and BOOM! They crashed and all blacked out. They woke up and tried waking up the megalodon but he wouldn’t. They had guessed he died. Billy Bob Jr starts to cry and hugs Billy Bob. They wanted to get some air so they went for a walk. But Billy Bob Jr didn’t seem this was home so he asked Billy Bob where they were and he said “AFRICA”. As they were walking they see a 3,000,000 million story high bamboo building. They enter with a blue stone in front of them that said 4 wishes only. They took the stone and went to the 3,000,000 floor. They could see the whole world from up there. They looked back out there city and realized it was covered in water with another tsunami coming and the hurricane coming with a water spout. Then they realize what they have done. They think for a moment and realize the stone. They can use the stone to wish this never happened. Billy Bob closes his eyes and says” We wish this never happened. The both passed out and all the sudden they wake back up home. They walk outside and see nothing ever happened. They both hugged each other and went back inside.


                     The End   


      Book 2 Coming Soon

      Here’s a sneak peak


Wow I can fly. Let’s do this. Sir you’re under arrest. You caused to mush damage to our city so we’re putting you in jail. Game Time. AHHHHH BOOM! Thank you again for what you did. It’s wasn’t really anything. Can we get your autograph.   

October 29

Global Goal 6, Clean Water and Sanitation

What are the Global Goals?

The global goals are problems that are planet are facing. And we are trying to accomplish them by 2030. You see there are 17 of them and today were focusing on goal 6 clean water and sanitation.

What even is clean water and sanitation?

First let’s start off with clean water. For example people are drinking water from ponds and streams when it could be really dirty and could have bad diseases that can kill you. Well a man named Michael Pritchard made a bottle called the lifesaver bottle. It can filter any disgusting water. Even the world’s smallest bacteria and virus can’t even get in this lifesaver bottle. But overall, clean water is a important goal. Now to sanitation. Good sanitation is really important goal. Good sanitation is water that you use for homes and things like that. The water that comes out of your sink or your bathrooms and shower must be clean because if your already dirty then your just taking a dirty shower. This goal is really important because water is a resource that everyone needs and that’s why we need to keep it clean and to make sure that everyone gets clean water and sanitation.



What are you going to do to help this goal?        

Comment down below and idea.




October 8

The Global Goals

The Global Goals are world goals that we are trying to accomplish by 2030. But if we don’t then it gets worse and worst and keeps on getting worst. There are 17 goals. These are the Global Goals!



There are important because it’s the whole world not just our country. And that’s why we need everyone to help. Because if one person is doing it they don’t want to fly 10 times a day. That’s why we  need everyone’s help no matter where you are. I know you guys can can do it. Make sure to tell your school about it or maybe even blog about it like I did. Comment down below the goal you want to accomplish. My is life below water and that’s what I’ll be talking about in the next blog post. See Ya later.