The census is an organization in which the government counts the population. This is a big step towards keeping track of our citizens. The census is also great for natural disasters because it helps us keep track of who was affected by the disaster. The census affects our government in many ways. the census gives the government info in which helps them allocate resources.


This week we celebrated Earth Day and we were asked to come up with ideas for things we can do to frequently help the earth.

First, we could be picking up trash and recycling on a daily basis, by doing these things we will slowly but surely help the planet. Second, we should stop using cars at least once or twice per week. Next, we can help by doing some gardening a little each month. last but not least, we should do our best to plant one tree per year. doing this will also help the internet-wide goal to plant 20,000,000 trees before 2030.

Help Them Help You.

As you probably know we are going through tough times rite now but as you also probably know kindness is more powerfull than any plauge. With this in our minds we are good at looking out for eachother. Our naibours are also going through this and we can look out for them so I have come up with a list of ways to help one another and hear it is.

*leave a kind note on there door step.

*leave them some baked goods.

*wave and smile.

*say how are you today.

*give them some of your extra face masks.

With this list I hope you will be able to use kindness to beat this outbreak.

Point Defiance Zoo And Aquarium

 All info listed in review found hear (click on link for more info https://www.pdza.org/)


I grew up in Washington State and ever since I was about 3 years old my parents would take me to Point Defiance which I loved because of many things, but I would like to tell you about the zoo and aquarium specifically. 


Point Defiance zoo and aquarium is located in Tacoma Washington. If you are planning a visit you should aim for the following times, Jan. 1 – 5

9:30am – 4pm daily

Open Jan. 1

Jan. 6 – Feb. 29

9:30am – 4pm Thurs – Mon

Closed Tue-Wed

Open Jan. 20 (Martin Luther King Jr. Day)

Open Feb. 17 (Presidents Day)

 Mar. 1 – May 8

9:30am – 4pm daily

Open April 12 (Easter Day)

 May 9 – June 26

9:30am – 5pm Mon-Fri

9:30am – 6pm Sat-Sun

Open 9:30am – 6pm May 25 (Memorial Day)

 June 27 – Sept. 7

9:30am – 6pm daily

9:30am – 4pm Fri. July 17 (early closure for Long-Table Dinner)Open July 4 (Independence Day)

 Sept. 8-27Image result for point defiance zoo and aquarium