March 7

The forest? part 5.

After they saw the wolves. They split up the wolves went separate ways to but each wolf failed to catch them. the friends meet up and find an old scrap yard but they avoid that place. they found a cave but one of them flee besnon. the other two go inside. Then they run out.


P.S this will be school appropriate.

to be continued.















this will have a new name

January 3

the forest. part 4

bang” a tree had fallen over. They walked over inspecting the tree they looked and saw that part of it was to weak to keep the tree up. they moved forward they saw something a creature. it was a butterfly with red wings but its body was blue. they saw something else green wolfs. they ran but the wolves were catching up. all hope seemed lost.

to be continued.


December 13

The forest (part 3)

2 years after part 2. Everybody was scared of what happened. But soon 3 friends were brave the leader Lanog he was a 11 year old kid he had a hat. Then there was bosnen he was 10 and had a sprite shirt. Then there was shoj he was 12 he was the brains he had a black and grey jacket. they went into the forest then “BANG



December 7

Cursive symmetry name

I use it to make it cool, i used it has nice colors. I made lines that make it look better. the colors are green, blue, orange, yellow, purple, red, and brown. I made it symmetrical because if I have brown in one corner I put brown in the other colors. i made a kind of square in the middle.

November 15

The forest part 2

it has been 2 years since those children found a home. but no one knew that soon 10 more kids would get lost in the forest. there was a group of kids who traveled in the forest even though there was a legend that who ever went in would not come back because they did not know that they found a home. so all those children lost their way trying to find the children. (i lost ideas)

October 12


once upon a time there were 7 brothers they all went into the woods one brother fell behind and lost the others he found his way home. another got lost and found somebody. a third saw something then lost the group. the group noticed they lost 3 brothers. another found somebody they went out to see who it was but the person disappeared he looked behind him and couldn’t see the group. there were only 3 left. they were scared one ran through the forest and found a farm. the two twins found a man who saved them.

March 14


Story #1 (1st Person):I went to the beach. I went in the sea. I went back to my hotel. I took a bath. I got dressed.


Story #2 (3rd Person):Logan went to the beach. Logan went in the sea. Logan went back to his hotel. He took a bath. Logan got dressed.