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Would You Risk Your life

For the most part I would risk my life to save others and my family. I’m sure everyone knows the saying “I couldn’t do that to keep a bird alive.” If you were in a place where someone was going… Continue Reading →

What Makes My Feel Loved

         What Makes Me Feel Loved                         It makes me feel loved when someone like to spend time with me. I also feel loved when I’m… Continue Reading →

Meir Ezra- Quote

” You have as much                                                                       … Continue Reading →

My Weekend

This weekend my cousins came over friday, saturday, and sunday. Then Morgan came over friday and saturday. Sunday we went to church and went to a friends house.🙂

What I Want For Christmas

What I want for Christmas                                                                       … Continue Reading →

My Thanksgiving Week

We went to Tennessee for thanksgiving and we left on Saturday the 20th. It took us 10 hours and 55 min. Now on Sunday we went to DollyWood we had so much fun we also went on Wednesday to and… Continue Reading →

My Thanksgiving

11-16-21 I’m going to tell you about my thanksgiving and what me and my Family do. First, we all are getting ready in our Thanksgiving Pjs and when we are ready headover to my Grandma’s house, where there’s my great… Continue Reading →

My fudgie experience

So today in class we made fudge and it was pretty good. First, we started on doing ratios on a piece of paper. Then, we did the dry ingredients.  Next, we combined the wet and dry ingredients. Finally, we put… Continue Reading →

🎨 Cursive-Name-Symmetry-Name

The elements of art that I use warm and cold colors. My successes with this project was first traced at the window. Then, I came in and traced with sharpie. Next, I colored it with multiple colors. Finally, I put… Continue Reading →

What Nicknames I Have Been Given

I’m going to tell you about what my nicknames are………………………. My Mom gave me the nickname Kotabug, Kota, and Kotalove. My Dad gave me the nickname Kore and Kota. My Sisters calls me Kota. My Grandma calls me Kota Girl… Continue Reading →

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