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Excellent Egypt

on February 22, 2017

A few weeks ago using VR, we visited Ancient Egypt.  We saw many things.  We also read a book called “Seeker of Knowledge.”  We then made connections through the text into the Virtual Reality trip with the See, Think, Wonder document above.  If you keep reading, you will learn about my experience in this journey.

Picture from flickr

I think my favorite part of the Google Expedition was seeing The Great Sphinx.  It was old and decaying, but I have never experienced seeing it.  Some people believe that Khafre built the sphinx.

Remember that weird pink thing I saw in the Amazon?  I also saw a weird pink thing in Egypt!  Is it a glitch?  Is it meant to be there?  Was it a person?

During the journey when we saw the Queens’ pyramids compared to the Kings’ pyramids, (the proper name for them is Pharaohs), I was sort of offended.  The Queens’ pyramids were outrageously small compared to the Kings’.

Those were some of the things I experienced during the Virtual Reality journey to Ancient Egypt.  Hope you enjoyed learning about it!


16 Responses to “Excellent Egypt”

  1. Kobe Online says:

    Hey Summer, I’m Kobe from Montreal Canada, your trip sounds fun and very interesting and I love to hear more information about your trip.
    Have a nice day Kobe Online.

  2. Eva says:

    I like how you said that you were totally offended,I am to!Why do the pharaohs have the bigger pyramid?I like how you said that if you keep reading you will learn more,it was really intriguning!

    • stern338 says:

      Hi Eva! I believe that the Kings had the bigger pyramids because they were at a “higher level”. Thanks! 🙂

  3. Keith123 says:

    Love your questioning, you know what they say you can never ask too many. Im curious what other places you’ve used VR to visit? If you could please visit my blog at that would be amazing thanks.

  4. Merry Beau says:

    Hi there,
    My name is Merry Beau and I am your student blogging challenge mentor. I will be popping in to visit your blog over the course of the challenge and seeing how you are getting on.
    I teach children between the ages of 4 and 12 and I am from Ireland. I have two grown up children: one is a midwife and the other hopes to join the Irish army shortly. My hobbies are blogging and gardening. I would on our school website and three school blogs; my own class blog, a Green Schools blog and a history one. Here is a link to our class blog
    I also love walking our dog. She is a seven year old Japanese Akita and is a very loyal and protective member of our family.
    My class and I have done the student blogging challenge in the past.I see you have too. So you will know that if you ‘keep with it’ you will learn a lot. As Ms.W says you can choose from the suggested activities to do what really interests you. That way blogging is such fun. Well done on your awesome avatar and glad to see you have an All About Me page. Don’t forget to update your Student Blogging Challenge Badge to 2017
    It would be lovely to hear back from you. Otherwise I feel like I am talking to myself. Part of the fun of blogging is getting to hear from people all over the world. As Miss W. says if you finish your tasks why not visit other student bloggers and leave a comment to say hello.
    With every good wish

  5. lebron Online says:

    Hi Summer,
    It’s me Lebron from ! I would love using VR to adventure around the world! If I saw that pink thing twice in two journeys I would think it’s a glitch. Although if it was a person that would be awesome! Keep up with great posts just like this one!

  6. merrybeau says:

    Hello Again from Ireland.
    Wishing you a Happy St. Patrick’s Day for Friday 17th March. We here in Ireland have no school on that day and many of the children will be marching in the St.Patrick’s Day parade. Many of them will be marching with a sports club or youth group that they belong to.
    Do you belong to any sports or hobby group? When I was your age I belonged to a swimming club and a choir. The children I teach belong to lots of clubs. They seem to do at least as many after school activities as there are working days in the week: activities like theatre group, yoga, rugby, basketball, science club and art. Some children are so busy they have more than one after school activity in a day.
    Spring has arrived here in Ireland. We have had a very mild winter, but see on the TV news that Pennsylvania has had some snow recently. I hope it did not cause too much disruption. However, even though the weather is Spring like this week, the weather forecast for St.Patrick’s Day is for light rain and wind.
    Don’t forget to update your badge to 2017. I am really hoping for a reply or a comment from you. It would be fun to get a conversation started.
    So long for now, with every good wish, Merry Beau

    • stern338 says:

      Hi! I belong to 2 after school activities. On Wednesdays, I take a Jazz class at Signature Dance Studio. Also, on Mondays and Wednesdays, I stay after school for a program called Girls on the Run. I wrote about some Girls on the Run things on my blog that are in a Girls on the Run category. Out of the activities you did, which was your favorite?
      In case you want to visit, here are the links to my after school activities:
      Have a great Day! 🙂

      • Merry Beau says:

        Thanks for replying Summer.You are busy with your after school activities.I would find it hard to choose between swimming and choir. Both were very relaxing and enjoyable. Your activities sound like fun. With every good wish, Merry Beau

  7. Hmsnaho says:

    Hi Summer,

    I’m Naho, and I am from Hongwanji Mission School in Hawaii. I also used the VR to adventure around places in the world. I visited Ancient Eygpt and Rome. I think the pink thing is probably a glitch. Come check out my blog at


  8. Merry Beau says:

    Hello again Summer
    I am visiting the blogs of all the students I mentor to check in on their progress. I see that you have an About Me page, a badge and are doing plenty of the challenges. I also see that you are replying to comments. Great to see that you are on board with the Student Blogging Challenge 2017. With every good wish, Merry Beau

  9. merrybeau says:

    Hello again Summer,
    I hope all is good with you. Thanks for your reply.
    Ms.Wyatt has put up a really interesting set of challenges this week on family, culture and your home country. I really look forward to seeing which challenge or challenges you choose and what you write.
    You can see what she is suggesting here:

    You are all doing SO well in Mr.Geiman’s class on the Student Blogging Challenge, that I suggest that you aim to do your VERY best work and if you are REALLY proud of it, that you draw Ms.Wyatt’s attention to it by posting a link to it on this page. She may feature it on the Flipboard magazine or give your work a mention in a post later on in the challenge.

    If I see any TRULY wonderful work on your blogs between now and the end of the challenge I plan to pass the link on to Ms.Wyatt also.

    NOW. THIS IS IMPORTANT… If you are sending a link to the post you feel you have done really well DON’T sent her a link to your whole blog. For example this is a link to our class blog.
    Instead send Ms.Wyatt a link to the actual post. For example this is a link to a special post on our class blog that we wrote for the students in Mr. Geiman’s class
    This is because there are over two thousand students doing the student blogging challenge and if Ms.Wyatt is directed to a blog it would take time for her to find the actual post that you would like her to see.

    With every good wish and wishing you a Happy Easter,
    Merry Beau

  10. Katherine Medrano says:

    Hey Summer it is so cool that you visited egypt using virtual reality, I want to try them someday they seem amazing. I want to go to egypt but i’m a little freaked out about running into a mummy. One thing I wonder is how did the egyptians end up making those large and creative pyramids. It must of been a struggle at first. It was interesting getting to know about egypt from your post hope you check out my blog the link to it is

  11. Merry Beau says:

    Hello again Summer,

    This week Ms. Wyatt says you should prepared for a game that will be coming up as part of the Student Challenge in a couple of weeks. In order to be prepared she you like you to have at least 5 other student blogs linked on the sidebar of your blog, in a page near your header area or in a recent post that your visitors can find easily. Make sure these are blogs from other students around the world, not just those in your class or school. Perhaps have a blogroll or link category called Global students or Global classes. You can read how to do that on this link:

    Ms. Wyatt also says ‘Having read many of your posts, I came up with the following essentials in a great post.
    • catchy title
    • includes at least one visual (with attribution) whether photo, cartoon, video or another web 2.0 tool like padlet or glogster
    • interesting topic with the passion of the author coming through
    • well written and not copy/pasted from somewhere else
    • shows it has been proofread and spellchecked
    • written in paragraphs – at least three of them
    • includes links to other websites on similar topics – at least two of these’

    I would agree with Ms.Wyatt and in particular I would say that visuals are important. So is checking one’s spellings. Sometimes, I have seen lovely posters made that were very visual, but a spelling mistake on the poster took away from the overall effect.

    Ms. Wyatt asks that ‘When you have finished your post, please come back here to the blogging challenge and leave a comment on this post’.
    Here is the link to the post she is talking about:

    She asks that you ‘mention what topic you wrote about and leave a link to your post’….not a link to your blog but to the post.
    She says that if your posts covering the seven things mentioned above e.g. has a catchy title, includes at least one visual etc. etc., it will be added to the flipboard magazine.

    Here is a link to all Ms. Wyatt said this week,

    Have a good week and good luck with your blogging.
    With every good wish
    Merry Beau

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