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Marvelous Martin Luther King Jr

     Have you ever heard of Martin Luther KIng Jr.?  He was one of the many people who got treated differently (in a bad way) just because of his skin color.  He also was the man who gave the famous “I Have a Dream Speech”.  Still doesn’t ring a bell?  Even if it does, you can still read the well thought out, most likely, highly intelligent reasons that explain why MLK gave his speech and did it near the Lincoln Memorial.

     I think that MLK gave his “I Have a Dream” speech because he wanted to find a peaceful way to get equality.  I also know that when he was a little boy he got separated from his best friend all just because of his skin color.  That “I Have a Dream” speech is all about civil rights and that all people should be treated equally no matter what their appearance is.

     I think that MLK gave his speech near the Lincoln Memorial because Abraham Lincoln freed former slaves and that means a lot to Martin Luther King Jr.  It means a lot to him because if if that 16th President never came, he would most likely be a slave.  Also, I think that Washington D.C. would be a very popular place to have a speech about America’s problems because it is where the President lives and works.  The Lincoln Memorial is in Washington D.C.  


     Now you know about why Martin Luther King Jr gave his famous speech and why he did it near the Lincoln Memorial.  I hope that you understood and followed what I was talking about.

Picture from Pixabay.

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The World’s Weirdest Anti-Spam Words


Jumping Jazz

     I take a dance class at Signature Dance Studio.  The class that I take is a jazz class.  I go there every Wednesday from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.  I think that there are maybe 9 more girls in my class.  We also have some recitals.  Everything is very joyful and fun.

     In the dance studio, we are trying to perfect leaps, splits, pirouettes, etc. For our dances, we are going to need to learn how to do these skills right, and remember how to do them because if we don’t, our dances will look sloppy and useless.  My least favorite part of my dance class is when we do our warm-up stretches.  We do all kinds of stretches.  My least favorite stretch is the one where you sit down with your legs in front of you and try to touch your toes.  It hurts real bad.

     Currently, we are learning our dances for our Spring Recital near the end of the school year.  Each year, the recital is called a new name.  One of our songs that we are dancing to is a song from the movie Moana.  The other song is going to be a patriotic song, but we don’t know which one yet.  Our first plan was to have a production dance where all of the jazz classes come together to perform one dance.  We were going to dance to the song One.  But, this year, we are having two different recitals, and all of the jazz classes aren’t in the same one.  That is why we are not doing a dance together.

     We had had our Christmas Recital in December.  We wore Santa hats, black pants, and red shirts.  My Santa hat was pink and had lots of frilly sparkles on it.  I had lots of fun at that recital.  Our dance was the second to last dance in the whole show.  A dance that my older sister was in was the last dance.  They were dancing to Justin Bieber’s Little Drummer Boy song.

     I like the Spring Recitals the most.  One reason I like them the most is because we order beautiful costumes, instead of bringing them from home.  Some parts of the costumes  we bring from home, but most of it we order.  Also, a few months after the recital, our dance teacher Katie gives each family that goes to Signature Dance Studio a CD with all of the dances from the recital on it.  I love watching the dances with my sister.

     We do lots of things during the year at Signature Dance Studio, from fundraising to recitals, from getting drinks of water to practicing dances.  It all may sound like a lot of work and preparation, but I am proud that I am doing this.

EDC Photoshoot 18 chiarashine via Compfight


Shockingly Short Trout Info

     This week, the trout are still fingerlings.  There are 159 trout still alive in the tank.  Their Parr Marks are making it even more easy to tell them apart.  They also got a lot bigger than they were.  Their fins have grown so much.  They’re also getting fat.  They have been eating some fishy flakes.  The trout have grown so much over the time that I have visited.

Look at all the trout!



Amazing Amazon

This week, we got 10 sets of VR (Virtual Reality) glasses.  We explored the Amazon.  We saw many interesting things and had lots of fun.  During our expedition, we visited 4 places and learned about each one.  Before we experienced the adventure, we read a book called Encantados.  Encantados are pink dolphins that live in the murky waters of the Amazon River.

The 2 rivers that we visited were absolutely beautiful.  We learned about the many species that live there.  We saw two guys canoeing, and I found a weird pink thing in the trees.  I still have no idea what it is.  At one of the rivers, when I looked behind me, water was rushing rapidly.  When I looked in front of me, the water was calm.

We also visited part of the Amazon Rain Forest. The enormous trees overcrowded the sky, so the plants on the ground didn’t get a lot of sunlight like the trees.  The forest was my favorite part of the journey.

Then, we visited an Amazon Community where people learn, work, and play.  They had a playground there, but it didn’t have a lot of equipment.  I did not see any children playing or learning though.  But, it was still really fun to see.  That was the amazing adventure I went on in the Amazon.



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Fantastic Fingerlings

         The trout are now called fingerlings.  Fingerlings are trout that are bigger than 1 inch in length.  They are growing a lot.  They have fins, that you can now see more clearly.  Rays hold the fins onto the trout.


          They are also developing Parr Marks.  Parr Marks are used to tell them apart, and they help them use camouflage to blend in.  All the trout are unique.


           Some trout are getting aggressive because they want all the food that they can get.  The most aggressive trout may bite off some of the other trouts’ fins or tails just to get to the food that they want.

Can you see the trout?

Can you see the trout?

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