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Beneficial Brook Trout

     The trout are now called Fry.  A fish can be called a Fry if it is less than 1 inch in length.  They are growing mouths and their fins are full grown.  They are also starting to swim up and down because of the fins.

These are some Brook Trout Fry.

These are some Brook Trout Fry.

     The trout have also developed something called slime.  The slime acts like a full-body band-aid.  To predators it tastes gross.  So it protects them in many ways.  It also benefits because it makes the trout swim faster.

     They also are developing scales.  The scales give them double protection.  The scales are like thin plates on their body.

     We think that there are 185 trout still alive in the tank.  They are being fed Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Fish Flakes.  There were 186 trout, but that 186th one died.  

     The trout have many things, and hopefully even more next time!

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