Would you risk your life for something you believe in?

Yes I would, I would risk my life for being a Christian,now there a lot of people that don’t believe in Jesus or God or being Christian and I am 100% aware what people will do. Some People will bully and persecute people but I believe in him, what he did, and that he did it, So yes I would give my life.

What makes me feel loved?

I like spending quality time with people, when somebody says to me hey you want to go do something is when U feel loved. It makes me feel loved because somebody asked me to spend the day together theirs everybody in the world to ask and the asked me.

how to enjoy cold winter nights at home

One of my favorite ways to enjoy a cold winter night is to make me some hot chocolate or if we don’t have any I will make chocolate milk. After I do that I go up to my room and put cozy pajamas on and get to my bed, then put a good christmas movie on I like National Lampoon’s Christmas vacation or The grinch.


My weekend

This weekend was a lot of fun friday I slept to my grandmas house,with my two cousins Daphne and George I also slept there with my two brothers, Simon and Oliver, We all played gaga ball pretty much the whole time and listened to music and even my grandma played to. when my mom picked us up the next day it was around 7:30 PM, when we got home we decorated our tree It was fun my dad told us a really funny joke, Then after we finished we we to eat with my cousin and his wife and my aunt and uncle my cousin George’s parents we went the this place called Raku it was pretty good I got crabs and shrimp. The next day I cleaned a lot and then like around 4 we went to my grandma to decorate her tree and my Grandpa cooked spaghetti and meatballs it was pretty good, and that was my weekend.

what I want for christmas

There’s quite a few things I want for christmas, last year I got an Ipad and a stylist but that broke, so this year I asked for a apple pencil, I want one because there just so much easier to work with and I like to draw and my ipad so you can kinda see why I want one. I also want legos, there are these harry potter legos, Its not my favorite thing to watch but i enjoy the movies, But the legos i want you built the book with, I have two other harry potter legos, and I no im 11 but I still like legos. That’s not everything I want but U ran out of time.


My Thanksgiving break

So my break was pretty fun. On tuesday after our field trip me and my mom went to get our nails done. Then we went to get my brothers from my grandma, but I was so surprised to see my aunt and uncle, I don’t get to see them much because they live in Indiana. But I saw them, Also my cousin Paris was there so we hung out a little, Then I ended up sleeping over, Me and my cousin ginger slept on the air mattress in the front room, and my and slept on the couch, And my grandma just slept in the back bedroom in her bed.

Wednesday, It was the next morning, me and my cousin Ginger got up and want to the grocery store for my grandma sense the next day as thanksgiving we got  couple of things, then she took me to get some breakfast from Mcdonalds then we went back to my grandmas house and I had to go to physical therapy for my ankle and knee, Its a work out and the net day my body hurts but it helps my ankle/knee

Thursday, I slept to my grandma again, so I got of the air mattress got dressed and started setting the table, like an hour later we ate the food was DELICIOUS, Then later I went to my cousins house it was her birthday party that was also a lot of fun.

Friday, I slept home I had to sleep and my brothers futon because my uncle slept in my room, but it’s fine anyways later me my aunt my cousins Phoebe,daphne,Bella, and lola and her mom, we all went to the mall , that was fun

Saturday, I ended up sleeping to my cousins house because we got home at like 12:00, but Saturday wasn’t that exciting me and my cousin Daphne just played bored games all day

Sunday, Me, my Mom and my two brothers went to cracker barrel for lunch and then we decorated for christmas



My weekend

This weekend I had a lot of fun. On Saturday I went to Jason’s woods, I thought it would be a lot scarier. But to be honest It wasn’t Sense they get to pick there costumes It wasn’t scary the like just had a mask on and like a stupid outfits on. Also like they didnt no what covid was they like got up in everybody’s faces I was like DUDE 6 FREAKIN FEET. Get this one you no how like they get on the hayride and stuff, Oh yea I forgot to mention I was on the hayride. But anyway the first guy came out as A FREAKIN BUSH and he literally said ” Im gonna eat all of you to the bone including your butt” No joke that’s what he said. But yea it was pretty lame.

My fudge experience

I had so much fun making the fudge. I also realized I like to bake. I’ve never like to bake until today it was Very fun. I’m also very excited to eat it. It smells so GOOD.I used ratios the find enough for 14 20 and 61 batches of fudge. I had lots of fun.

Dear Blog

Dear Blog the end of the year is coming.There is only two days till school ends I am sad but happy.I am happy because I don’t have to wake up 7:00 am In the morning.I can sleep in and have sleepovers with my cousins.I can go lots of places without school in my way.I am sad because I won’t see Miss.Mergenthaler,friends,Miss katie the high schooler she helps she graduated today.Well I will miss third grade sincerely a new fourth grader jasmine.