what I got over break

What I got over break. I got 3 RC cars they are very fast 1 of them has a camera on it. The other 1 is just very fast. The last 1 has a super charge button on the controller. It works!  I also got a drone  that has a camera on it. It is hard to fly with the camera on. but it is fun. I got a pokèmon  cards.  my best and my Favorite is called dusk mane  Necrozma GX. Because it is by far the strongest 1 I have. I also got 6 Beyblades they are so fun to play with. do you like Beyblades? I also got  3 nerf guns they are so fun to play with. I also got fortnite characters. I also got a PS 4.


One thought on “what I got over break

  1. Dear,Ayden
    Hi, I used to play with blaybades but I stopped playing with them but they are very fun. I play fortnite too! What is is your favorite character? Also I like to play with drones, Nerf guns , and RC cars.

    Keep up the good work
    Sincerely, Collin

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