Math Class Blog Post: At-home learning week 2

Hello Math Class!  I hope you are all well this week.  I decided to open up a new post area so that we don’t need to wade through last week’s comments to see the most recent replies.

What is your reaction this week?  What are your thoughts and feelings about our school shut down?  I loved your supportive words of advice last week.  Don’t forget to check out our math Google classroom.

This week, I would love for you to post a picture of something you’ve done or created at home.  You can even post your spirit week pictures here.  Did you write a story?  Feel free to post it.  Do you have a favorite school appropriate song?  Feel free to post it and tell us why it is your favorite song.  (I wasn’t able to post pictures in the reply area.  But you could post the picture in a google doc and then post the link.  I’ll also create a google doc for us.  It might be easier to work with?  I’ll post it in Google classroom and here:


Have a great week!  I miss you all!

Mrs. Dissinger

One of my favorite things I did last week was walking in the woods.  My yellow lab, Joe, gets camouflaged against the leaves, so we put an orange vest on him to make him easier to spot when he wanders away from us.

7 thoughts on “Math Class Blog Post: At-home learning week 2

  1. We walked in the woods too! We saw this root, and it looked like a giant carrot. My mom thought it was a bush root, but I’m still convinced that it was a giant carrot. If we walk our dogs in the woods, Nellie, our younger dog, will run ahead and sniff everything. She’s a hound. Our other dog, Maggie, will just slowly walk along. She’s pretty well behaved.

  2. Hi, Kayla! Great post!
    It sounds like it could be a great story starter: One day I was walking in the woods when I spied a huge carrot growing at the base of a tree. I pulled it out of the ground and that’s when……
    Should we challenge your classmates to come up with the best story?

  3. I hope that everyone is doing well. When I’m not doing schoolwork, my mom likes to take us on walks. We also like to FaceTime our cousins. I’ve been enjoying this break, but I hope we can see each other again sometime soon.

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