The Championships

The Championships were for basketball. We First went up against the Yellowjackets and beat them by about 16 points. And sense we won that game we had another game at 2:00 and are other game ended at 12:00. So for the next two hours you could stay at the High School or you could go home and come back. I decided to stay for the two hours and me and some of my teammates just walked around the school. Then at 2:00 we went up against the Stalians. We had beat them before at our first game but all of the other games they had won. We were tied a little in the first half but by the second half we were beating them by 20 points. So we won the game and we were 8-0 and that has only happened another 2 times before. Then there was a little things like talking about the teams and you could win stuff but I went home because I wasn’t feeling good and I was hungry.

Christmas gifts

I got a total of seven presents for christmas. The presents I got were a new hoodie, stickers, 3 new sweatpants, a shirt, and a wallet. And when I went to my dads house I got another new hoodie, winter hat and scarf, another wallet, 22$ and some pants. And i got money from my grandparents. In total i got 60$ from all of them and snack too. One of my grandparents gave me a gift card for amazon. That’s what I got for christmas.

Naruto Shippuden

I watch called Naruto Shippuden. Right now I am at a episode with a fight scene with the side characters. They are facing two basically immortal people. And the main character (Naruto) is learning a new jutsu. Soon he will join the fight and probably win because he is the main character. And one of the immortal people Hidan killed the leader of Team 10. So from the end of the credits I saw that one of the members of team 10 Shikamaru will be going to fight Hidan. And Naruto will be fighting the sorta immortal he has 4 hearts and his name is Kakuzu. And that’s all.

Cursive name symmetry name

I used my name in cursive for the art piece. I used many different colors with colored pencils. I added lines in the art thing to make it look better. Also with those lines I made shapes in the art piece too. I like it and think it looks good because it has many shapes and symmetry in it so it looks good. It also looks good because it has lots of colors. I also like how this all started from my name. This is why I like my art piece and think it looks good or decent.

My fun new game

The game that I got was originally $60.00 USD but it was on sale for $6.00 USD. So I asked my mom if I could get it and she said yes. The game was a online combat game with special moves and abilities you could buy with ingame money or unlock. And you can customize your characters outfits and unlock masters to unlock abilities from. The game is called “Naruto to Boruto:Shinobi striker” and it’s really fun. I level zero on thursday and now I’m level 32. And i’ve unlocked a lot of stuff from doing challenges from NPC. The good part is that you don’t get matched up against like level 150 player. They put you with same level player as you. So this game in all is super fun and cool.


We made fudge and got to microwave the fudge. And had to do the math equation before we made the fudge. And everyone got a turn to do something. And it smells amazing and good. It has to cool down first in the fridge and then we do something with it when we can take it out.

Smashed Mailbox

On homecoming night my sister was getting ready. After she left it was normal for the rest of the night or so we thought. The next morning my mom took us outside to go to the orthodontist and my siblings to the dentist. And when we left the mailbox was smashed and knocked off  but we didn’t have any time to clean it up. When we got back my mom had to throw it out then she went and got a new mailbox. She thinks that it was someone who doesn’t like my sister. She is going to ask are neighbor if he can check the community cameras. To maybe see if they can catch who the person was or their license plate.


My last blog till fall

This is going to be my last blog for a while. It’s 2 more days till school ends. And then it’s summer.I’m gonna do lots of things like, swimming, hikes, climbing trees, camping and zip lining. And 3rd grade was fun this year with my friends.Also we learned division,multiplication,addition,subtraction and lots of other stuff. The teachers I want are Mrs.Williams for Math, Mrs.Whitson for Ela and Mrs.Carl for homeroom. In Ela we learned science,reading and new words. And they told us the 4th grade field trips to the state capital. I’m scared and also existed too. I’ve had a good time in 3rd grade. But i’m ready for 4th grade.But at the same time I don’t wanna leave but there are changes. Good by 3rd and people reading this. GOOD BYE.

MY spelling words

screen screen screen strong strong strong spring spring spring strange strange strange spray spray spray scram scram scram sprain sprain sprain strap strap strap strict strict strict stress stress stress scream scream scream scrap scrap scrap sprout sprout sprout scrape scrape scrape string string string stripe stripe stripe struck struck struck spread spread spread scratch scratch scratch stream stream stream scrub scrub scrub stretch stretch stretch strength strength strength straight straight straight