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More About EASTER!

Easter!! by Courtney Reichard

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What Sports Do You Play? (Padlet)

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About Me A-Z! #17STUBC

A- I am Athletic


B- I like Bananas


C- My name Is Courtney


D- I have 2 Dogs


E-  I like Elephants


F- I am Funny


G- I like Giraffes


H- I am Helpful


I- I am Intresting


J- I am Joyful


K- I am Kind


L- I make people Laugh


M- I like to play Monopoly


N- I am Nice


O- I am Openminded


P- I like to Party


Q- I am Quiet (Sometimes)


R- I like to Run


S- I play Softball


T- I am Talented


U- I am Ultimate


V- I like Valentine’s Day


W- I am Wild


X- I am Xenial


Y- I am Young
Z- I am Zealous

Are Kids Watching Too Much TV? #17STUBC

Yes, because if kids watch too much TV they will not get athletic, and they won’t pass school, because they won’t do there homework and they won’t study for test, and they’ll have to get held down and redo the grade they were just in. Because they were watching too much TV and they didn’t have time to study and do their homework done.


I think parents should limit their kids TV time so they have enough time to get their homework done. And so they can have time to study. Because if they don’t study then they will stay up all night, because they didn’t have enough time to study because they were watching too much TV. Then they will fail because they wouldn’t have had a good night’s sleep before the test, because they had to stay up all night to study. And if they don’t have their homework done they will get a huge punishment because they didn’t study and they didn’t have my homework done.


I think kids should do their homework and study for at least 30 minutes a day, then they can watch TV. I think parents should only let the kids who don’t fight about doing homework and does it all without having to be reminded, should be able to watch TV longer than the other kid, because they wouldn’t argue about doing their homework first before watching TV.


If kids watch too much TV in the morning then they wouldn’t have a good breakfast, and they wouldn’t be ready for school and they wouldn’t be ready to get on the bus, and they would miss school unless their parents drive them to school.  Then they will miss a day of school just because they were watching too much TV. There’s my opinion.


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Cake Puzzle!! #17STUBC

preview48 pieceCake Puzzle


Try to beat my score:  9 minutes and 9 seconds

Tell me in your comment how fast you did it!

About Japan (Piktochart!)


The Trickster Tale!

One day there was a little boy and he saw a, rainbow color fox and he wanted to know why the fox was the color rainbow. So one day the little boy went into the cave and he saw the rainbow fox it looked a lot smaller when he was far away but he was a GIANT fox and the little boy was scared. The next day the fox was small then the boy asked “ why were you a giant yesterday know  you are small” I was born that way said the fox. Why are you a rainbow color. That’s one of my secrets. Said the fox. Then the fox made him do all these poses then the little boy turned RAINBOW colored and the fox is not!  Then the fox ran away!


Sentence Made of Just Pictures (No Words!) #STUBC17

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