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Book project – Diary Entry.


Dear Diary,

Hi, it’s me again, Quinn. I tend to write in here everytime my pregnancy test comes out negative. Which is a lot. Me and Graham have been trying for our own baby for awhile. Don’t get me wrong, I love my husband. But recently i’ve hated his physical touch. He hasn’t done anything wrong but his touch reminds me of every time we’ve tried and haven’t gotten pregnant. I guess he must’ve really missed my touch — or just anyone’s touch. Yep, you guessed it. He cheated on me with someone from work. It’s almost like I feel sorry for him and I’m the one in the wrong even though I know I’m probably not.

Well diary, we’re about to open the box. The box that holds notes from each other that we promised to never open unless we really felt that our marriage was in no way able to be saved.

Love, Lily.

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Wk. 17 – News Article


Article – Recent school shooting:

On October 24th, there was a school shooting at St. Louis high school. The shooter was identified as 19 yr old, Orlando Harris. The shooter had killed two people, a student and health teacher and had injured several others. At least 8 people were taken to the hospital with injuries.

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Week 16 ll Book review


For my book choice, I chose “All your perfects” by Colleen Hoover. I thought this was a really good book and it showed some of the struggles of women not being able to have kids. It ended pretty well and I thought overall that the book had well-writing and was very entertaining and addicting to read. I loved this book and I’d give it a 10/10.

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News Discussion


There has been a global outbreak of monkeypox recently as of May 2022. About 200 countries have confirmed reporting 350 cases, either suspected or confirmed. This is said to be a mild disease compared to smallpox. This was a disease that had outbroken in 1980. This virus is said to be doing things that you don’t usually see a disease doing, said by epidemiologist Anne Rimoin. Agreed another epidemiologist with saying “we should be concerned about this”

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Blog 12 – News


A 22 year old man is believed to intentionally crash into a group of law enforcements recruits. He was recently released from jail on Thursday. He was suspected of an attempted murder from the crash that had injured at least 25 recruits.

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Week 11 – book choice


For my book, I chose “All your perfects” by colleen hoover. I chose this because I like the author and the book sounded really interesting. So far, it’s a pretty good book and I really like it so far.

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Romeo and Juliet ending


I wish Romeo would’ve ended differently by Romeo and Juliet just admitting to their parents about their love. I think their parents wouldn’t have been that mad and I think the family feud would’ve ended.

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Diary Entry – Book project (The murder game)


Oscar made me sneak out with him that night. Yeah, I never wanted to. But in order to meet up with Pippa (my MAJOR crush) I had to sneak out with him. It was difficult, and very risky considering our boarding school is majorly strict. But when we saw them, it all felt calmer. We had some fun, we drank a little which I promised myself I would never do. But I guess if I never admit it to anyone then it doesn’t matter. Anyways, when Pippa and Kelsey left to do some business in the woods, I thought it would be a good time to talk to Oscar to see if he thinks I should make a move on Pippa, but he left to go check on them before I could say anything since the girls were taking a while apparently. Pippa came back shortly after Oscar went up there, and then we hear a thud.

Soon we found out that a teacher’s wife was killed up there, and all suspicions went to Oscar. He was sort of a bad kid, and he got in quite a lot of trouble but I knew for a fact, that he would never kill anyone. He wasn’t that type of person. I knew it was up to me to figure out the murder on my own and who it was, instead of just admitting where I was.

I always knew it was him, the second I heard Pippa’s yell for help, was when I knew it was HIM. Yes, the one who none of us would’ve suspected. Maybe I shouldn’t say it here, just in case someone finds my journal one day. But remember, to whoever is reading this, someone’s always watching.

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Unit 3 vocab


My older brother had a transgression this summer. He was with his friends when he started being immature and was trying to be cool. He had been pernicious with another person for no reason. They had gotten a little violent and his friend started being augmented just because he thought the whole situation was funny. My brother got in a lot of trouble that night when he got home since he caused a big scene that the cops had to get involved. He told me that he was treated with grievance and that the story wasn’t told correctly. He told me his side of the story and thankfully he and I were able to work it out with our parents since my brother wasn’t really in the wrong.  He grew a lot of enmity for the other person since he had told the false information and almost got my brother in some deep trouble.

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Week 7: Book reflection


I found my book, “The murder game” pretty boring. I liked the beginning a little but throughout the entire book, it got a lot more boring and seemed to be drug on a lot more than it needed to be. I thought the plot was sorta interesting though. It was about four teenagers at a boarding school who were out the night of the murder of a teachers wife and even near it. The main suspect throughout the whole story was Luke chase, one of the teenagers there that night. I knew throughout the whole story who it was because it was pretty obvious. This book was actually really poorly written but the plot and thought behind it was the best.

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