This SCP-096 was very dangerous. It was nicknamed “Shy Guy” because if you look at it, well, just dont. The SCP(Secure, Contain, and protect) has made any tests that could make SCP-096 free from containment., prohibited. Last time it got loose, (not shown for keeping it pg). If anything triggers the scp, Make clear of […]

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One of the most known scps. SCP-046 is a scp dressed up as a plague doctor. Nobody at the foundation knows what he looks like under the mask, but he is known as a docile scp(docile means not vicious or dangerous). He takes many interviews from all the doctors at the foundation. When given a […]

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Hello, Im doing/writing this to advertise my new thing i worked very hard on. Its my own SCP Book public site!(link: ) Use this link to go on it and check it out! *warning this site contains pictures that may be disturbing to younger audiences, it doesn’t contain blood gore and guns/weapons*  Also, by […]

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would you rather?

i would never speak again because, i could just draw/type out what i want to say and even animate if i wasn’t lazy. I also would use this to share stuff. I could also just carry a notebook of what i’m going to say around and whenever i want to speak i would just write it down and show it to the person the words are aimed for. And if i couldn’t talk i wouldn’t have to do school because i can’t  answer questions!