The Time I almost Ran Over My Friends Camera!

1/7/22 Was the date I Uploaded “Slow-Mo Sledding Edit! #Shorts” (and yes another blog about one of my youtube videos.) Its 11 seconds long, And if you do not know what a “#Shorts” Video is well it is a thing like Tik Tok, (If you don’t know what “Tik Tok” is look it up on google.) And It it just a Short video Thats why is called a #SHORT. so know i will talk about my youtube video, Me and my friends were sledding and my friend set up HIS camera a little TO close to the sledding path. And if I did not swerve to the left (the cameras left) I WOULD HAVE RAN IT OVER but that’s ok because if I did hit it. It would of made good content.



Four-wheeling In The Snow

1/9/22 Is when I uploaded “Getting the four-wheeler stuck in the snow” A 5:25 minut video I made. In that video I wanted one part, So I cut it into a 36 second video of me spinning the wheels and getting it buried in the snow, (It does not have Four Wheel Drive) So I pull It out of the snow and drive away, The video ends.



My Fourwheeler YouTube Short

11/17/21 I made a new YouTube video yesterday, It was a Fourwheeler video! (Short) I used my friends Grandmas fourwheeler (I used MY helmet) Me and my friend started recording, it was COLD and started to drissel. I did some tricks like, Getting the wheel of the ground, and did some Drifts! we finished the […]

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