At home I have around 18 lambs. They are so cute! One of the Horned Dorset has a black knee, another Horned Dorset has freckles on his nose, two Chevits have red hair on their legs, and another Chevit has a black eye. Their not supposed to have these special things because the to breeds are supposed to be all white not red or black. I also have this one lamb that is supposed to be black with white freckles she is so fluffy and cute.🐑

bad christmas

The reason why I had a bad Christmas 🎄 is because my cousins grandma got sick. Since my cousins grandma got sick🤒 they went in to the hospital to see her. The reason they decided to do that is because the nurse said that “she is not ok. She has hours to day to live.” 😔 On a normally Christmas we would go to their house and seibert but not this year. Covid-19 can’t just let traditions  happen the way they are supposed to.😒

what I’m doing for christmas

For christmas on my mom’s side of the family we are going to my mom’s older brothers house. When we are there it will be christmas. last year my cousin decided to take a box and wrap it in duck tape. then wrap it in saran wrap with candy in between the saran wrap. Then we played this game where you have really dig gloves on and try to take off the seran wrap while you’re being timed I hope can play the same game again this year. when were there we also eat food and open presents. For christmas on my dad’s side family were doing pretty much the same thing except were not doing the game but, my cousins are all younger than me so it’s a lot crazier.⛄❄🤪

my Cursive name symmetry design

I used art elements to create an interesting kaleidoscope design using lines shapes and colors. I think my design has very cool colors and it looks really good. you can see my name a little bit but it is hidden pretty good. It is very symmetrical and I used radele semitrey. the colors go together nice and they look good.

My Trips

I’m not in school a lot because i’ve been taking trips a lot. It happens almost every year. my family travels all over the east coast showing sheep. We did 4 shows  in 3 weeks  in July. In almost 2 weeks I have another show, but it’s on the weekend so I won’t miss any school. After that I’m going to Tennessee for a week so I can show 3 of my sheep. I usually take a whole flock but, this show is really big and really expensive so I can only bring 3 sheep to save money because it cost $60 to bring 1 sheep.

 Why I Like Summer

 Why I Like Summer

                                      By Amanda L Oberholtzer                    

I am looking forward to summer. One reason is because I go on vacation. Also, I can sleep in. Last, I have my birthday in summer. I like summer because I have vacation. I am going to Texas to have fun. I go to the beach. At the beach I play at the park and in the ocean. My family and I also ride our bikes. Also I like summer because I can sleep in. I sleep until 8:00 am! I don’t  have to rush. During school I have to rush to get to the bus and to do chores.If I get to sleep in I will be happier.

My last reason is about looking forward to summer is because my birthday is during the summer. It is July 8th.  I am having two birthday parties. One with my friends during the day. One at night with my family around the campfire.

I like summer.  I can’t wait. I have three reasons.  I get to go on vacation. I get to sleep in.  And I have my birthday.


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