May 21

My Holiday Traditions!

My Holiday Traditions!

Every Year, my family and I have certain traditions that we do. First, my mom, sister, and I always look at lights. We wear Christmas Pj’s, make hot chocolate, put on Christmas music, and drive around looking at all the lights on the houses in our area. Next, another tradition we have is our family does a gift exchange. We go over to our friends house, have dinner, hangout, and do a sort of secret santa/gift exchange thing. Next, every year, on Christmas day we always go down to my great aunt and cousins/second cousins house. We usually eat lunch there or go somewhere else, but we eat lunch and dessert, and my sister and I hangout with our second cousin Kaylie while the parents talk. The last tradition is one I think a lot of families do, but we always decorate gingerbread houses. I recently just finished mine. These are all the holiday traditions my family and I have!


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