May 21

My Favorite Holiday!

If I had to choose my favorite holiday, it would definitely be Christmas. I love Christmas for very many reasons. First, I get to spend time/see family. My family lives far away. My dad’s side lives about an hour away. My mom’s side, lives 4 and a half hours away. Every year, on Christmas Eve, we go to see my dad’s side. We stay for lunch and dinner till about 9:00, it’s really fun.

Then, on Christmas day, we drive to Delaware to see my great aunt and cousins, which is also really fun and it’s nice to see my second cousin, because she has health problems and I don’t see her very often. Then, sometime over winter break, we drive 4 and a half hours north to see my moms side, which is a long car ride but once we get there it’s worth it.

The second reason I love Christmas is the decorating! When it comes to Christmas, my family goes big on the decorations. We don’t necessarily decorate super early, but when we do decorate it’s really fun. Another reason I love Christmas is the weather. Snowy weather is my favorite kind of weather, and it doesn’t always snow on Christmas, but Christmas is in the winter, so it snows around Christmas time.


Another reason I love Christmas is New Years eve/New Years. I know New Years is after Christmas, but it’s still on winter break. I like New Years because we get to hangout with friends. We usually go to our friends house and we get a bunch of those things that crack when u throw them on the ground.


Lastly, I love Christmas because of the food. Our family always does gingerbread houses and cookies, which is fun. Also, when we go over to my grandparents on Christmas Eve, we have the same meal as we do on Thanksgiving, which is really good.


This is my favorite holiday and why I love it. What’s your favorite holiday and why?

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