November 9

Freewrite Guinea Pigs Week 5 #STUBC16


Guinea pigs are one of my favorite animals because they’re interesting creatures in many ways and you’ll find out why in this story piece!!!! Guinea pigs can in fact be many different shades of colors including white, chestnut, brown, black orange, grey, and lots of combinations of colors. In fact I happen to have two guinea pigs for pets myself and they are both orange, white, and black. Speaking of combinations of colors different parts of guinea pigs can have certain amounts of each color on their body. Like us      humans every guinea pig is unique!!!!!


Guinea pigs have a really specific diet. But stray guinea pigs are more open with their choices of food. Strays will eat grass, hay, leaves, plants, stems, and vegetables. Unlike stray guinea pigs, if you have pet guinea pigs like me they are strict with what they eat because they actually have a owner to feed them. Most pet guinea pigs will like hay and food pellets usually from the brand Timothy. Remember guinea pigs also can’t have a lot certain foods, so make sure you know what and what NOT to feed your pet guinea pig! Name                                                 Their scientific name is Cavia porcellus, their scientific name is Latin for little pig.It was created by many different languages. But now instead of little pig, they’re now called guinea pigs because the word guinea has many different meaning from different languages. How their name was created has a very informative background and you could check it out sometime!!!!!!


These creatures are similar to hamsters but hamsters and guinea pigs are also a lot different. Guinea pigs are usually bigger than hamsters. Also guinea pigs like to be active during the day and hamsters usually are sound asleep during the day.


Guinea pigs make odd sounds, and there are lots of them so get comfortable because here we go!!!!! So first guinea pigs will wheek usually when they’re excited or they’re getting fed. Guinea pigs will make a purring sound like a cat when they’re having fun and/or enjoying themselves. One of the weirdest sound they will make is chirping exactly like a bird. I hope you enjoyed my whole story and make sure to look up more facts on their sounds, family, name, food, and colors!!!! Have a fantastic day and keep blogging!!!!!

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5 thoughts on “Freewrite Guinea Pigs Week 5 #STUBC16

  1. jana

    Hi my name is Jana I am 10 year old.
    I am in Qatar International School
    I am looking forward to be working with you
    By the way I love guinea pigs

    1. mullins203 (Post author)

      Hi Jana!!! My name is Katie, and I’m happy to meet you!!! Do you have any guinea pigs or other pets? I happen to have two guinea pigs named Twix and Snickers. I also have a dog named Levi. I look forward to QuadBlogging with you. Have a great day!!!

      Your friend,

      1. jana

        Hi Katie
        sadly I don’t have any pets but I will get one soon
        can you suggest any pets that you might want me to get.
        I am also looking forward to blogging with you

  2. Nisreen

    my name is Nisreen I am ten years old your facts are amazing, you could add more but that is fantastic facts about guinea pigs and also they are my favourite animals because they are cute. You are also smart and brilliant!

  3. Thanumi

    Hi Katie! I am Thanumi, a sixth grader from Thailand.
    It seems like you really love your pets! Twix and Snickers, they have got really cute names too! By the way, why did you choose guinea pigs among all the other cute pets such as rabbits and cats? Honestly, I didn’t know anything about guinea pigs before reading your wonderful post. Well, I don’t have any pets yet, but I like my pet to be soft and fluffy. So which pet do you recommend for me? Please leave a comment in my blog at,


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