news article

The article that I am doing is about animal testing. animal testing is bad because the chemicals in the product can damage our skin and hair. animal testing isn’t just bad for animals but it affects other living creatures. even if we can’t ban animal testing we should make the environment better for the animals by cleaner cages and not force feed the animals to chemicals or gases. animal testing fails more then 90% of the time when they do test so that means they spend alot of money on test that fails and could possibly hurt us.

Book Summary

The Book Cinder is about a sixteen-year-old girl. she is a gifted mechanic in cyborg. She is a second-class citizen with a mysterious past that is revealed by her stepmother. her life becomes intertwined with a handsome prince name kai. She suddenly finds herself at the center of an intergalactic struggle and has a forbidden attraction.

I liked the book but it didn’t really interest me like the other book that I read but I think the book has some good plot twist’s in it and the ending is the total opposite of the original Cinderella story.

week thirteen- creative vocab

My younger sister loves to agitate me when I’m doing my work. My sister is very presumptuous, she only does what she is told she doesn’t go over and beyond so when my mom yells at her she starts to cry and apologize and says she will change but she never does. But other than my little sister my younger brother is very ornery like in gym class he had to get kicked out because he beat a kid up because he didn’t pass the ball to him so my mom has to take him to some special place to help him. My younger brother is very unperturbed he doesn’t care what anyone says about him and he will confront people if they are talking bad about him or other people he had gotten suspended three times in one school year. When we all play hide and seek both of my younger siblings are very hard to elusive they win almost every round in the game, but overall I love my sibling and couldn’t ask for better siblings.

week fourteen-article

Animal testing has been around for a while like back in the B.C. area but it didn’t become a problem until the end of the 19th century. Animal testing is terrible because the test fails more than 90% of the time. The sanitation of animal testing is bad because they never clean the cages and they let the animal’s body go into poor condition. They force-feed the animal’s harmful chemicals and toxic gases. why I think that animal testing should be illegal because you are putting harmful chemicals on your skin and hair.

do you think that animal testing should be illegal?

do you think that animal testing is good for the human race?,animals%20for%20experimentation%20became%20orga

new book

The new book I am reading is called Cinder. why I choose this book because it is similar to the cinderella story except her whole foot comes off then just her shoe. i like the book so far because it has been very interesting and i cant wait to see what the end is I wonder if I am going to like the book farther on the more i read it but it seems very interesting so far so I am excited to finish the book.

new ending to romeo and juliet. wk10

When Juliet woke up from her long-lasting sleep she saw romeo’s dead body laying there and she thought to herself “oh dear Romeo why would you do such a thing,” so Juliet came up with an escape plan to leave her town. So later that night Juliet put her plan into action and escaped her town when morning came her parents asked everyone if they have seen Juliet but no one saw her, but eventually her parents gave up on looking for her. When Juliet showed up to a random town she changed her whole identity and stayed in a small cottage far away from people persuing her dream of being a fashion designer, 10 years later after working on her dream she became the most successful fashion designer.

book diary

Dear Diary,

when I moved back to my hometown after 10 years and tried to escape the tragic disappearance of my childhood best friend and made another whole successful life for myself; I still wasn’t the same after my best friend disappeared after 10 years but when I went back to my home town to help my aging father there were secrets that were revealed that I had never knew about. When I found out who killed my best friend the little girl that was her closes friend died inside I was never the same after I found out.  

creative paragraph

My cousin Daryl likes to be augmented things I don’t know why but I have always tried to figure it out. Daryl was always valiant and nice to others except for me but if I was in a bad mood he would cheer me up when he had to do a performance on stage he was always valiant. When I would have a bad thought or idea Daryl would devise me to have me not do that thought or idea. Daryl has a very tread walk sometimes he will try to teach me his tread walk and it makes me upset because I don’t want to learn his tread walk. Daryl like to severity people he thinks it is funny but me and my family dont think so, but me and daryl get along just fine beside are argument’s ect.

what made the book good

my book All the missing girls was good because the author told the story backward and there were a lot of plot twists and a lot of secrets that were uncovered. My favorite part of the book was the end because I don’t really like reading but I do like a little bit of true crime, overall it was an okay book. But the thing that caught my attention the most was the last sentence when the character in the book said “it’s only one thing. but it also everything.” starts over again and pick yourself up. why I like this sentence so much because it is meaningful to me and I like it. I hope to whoever reads this book next I hope you like the book.

animal testing/abuse (week 6)

animal testing has been around since 500 BC. all though animal testing/abuse is not our number 1 problem we still have to pay attention to it because the test is unreliable not only are they harmful to the animals the chemicals can also hurt us but it is a waste of money because they are using on the average cost is 1billion USD and 14 years of time. the percentage of animals killed due to animal testing is 97% and 95% of the test are failed on humans. when humans abuse animals 10 million animals die due to abuse every year.



what could we do to make animal testing banned

how is you family effected by this cause