Bridge to Terabithia

~I think people should read Bridge to Terabithia. I think it’s a really good book and I enjoyed reading the book very much. I like the beginning and how the author included how/like his family and lifestyle were like. The ending is really good too. With the big tragedy, to Jesse now being the fastest […]

What I want to do with my life.

During my life I want to move into Australia and work over sea for Clever Publishing. I want to live by myself and only with my dogs. If I feel like it I will go back to America and spend time with family and friends. I’ll hang out with kangaroos everyday in my backyard. And […]

My New Year’s resolution

My first resolution is to become better at spelling and grammar. Because I always have a spelling error on every essay, writing prompt, and lots of other stuff. My sister also said that my grammar is bad and that I need to fix it. But isn’t that what spell check is for? Hopefully I can […]

What i’m excited and dreading for in 6th grade

In 6th grade I am excited for the fun projects and fun experiments in science this year. But also i’m dreading about all the homework in 6th grade too. But with all the homework they are just preparing use for 7th grade. I’m just excited to see what we do this year and I think […]

It’s Fall

It’s finally Fall, my favorite season. I love all of the fall colors. The various sizes of pumpkin all over the place, to the crispness in the air. It’s also the perfect temperature. I love how the colors of the leaves look like on the trees and on the ground. The various shades of yellow, […]


we are going release the trout on april 14th and we are so sad that they have to go bit we have a lot of fun releasing them.


The trout are so big they are now FINGERLINGS they are about as long as your finger. I am so sad though it is about the time to release them ALREADY!!!!. I love to watch them swim and grow past this year I wish we could just keep them FOREVER!!

Google VR!!

today google came to our school and we got to use AR and VR. it was so cool and awesome I loved it. I wish we can do it again sometime. I liked the VR better with the goggles. The best expedition I liked was the “under water” one,but when I looked down I felt […]


the trout came november 1,2017. they are now all hatched. they are fry now but we now have 0 trout. they all died because when the cleaners were cleaning in the classroom and they always knocked the cord out and the chiller turned off and the water was getting warm and they all died and […]

the Titanic

I survived The Titanic. My name is Katlyn Miller i’m 28 years old and this is how I survived the titanic. April,14,1912 there was a ship named the Titanic. There was a whole bunch of people on the Titanic. They were one there for days. They were sailing the ship every day and night. Some […]