Week 3

The book I chose was The Night Diary written by Veera Hiranandani because it looked interesting when I read the back. the book is about Nisha and her family becoming refugees and learning where they belong. I think that the book is going to be very interesting to read about because I have never been put into the same position as Nisha and her family.

Week 5 Vocab

Three truths and a lie

1. a tactic is to make a plane

2. amphibious creatures live in the water

3.  adolescent animals are full grown

4. formulate means to come up with

Can you guess which on is the lie?


Week 4


I chose an article about the train that derailed in ohio on february 3rd because I think that its important to be informed about what’s going on in the U.S/The world. I think that it’s important to see the impact that things like this can have on communities. When the train exploded it released toxins into the surrounding area forcing thousands of people to leave there homes because of the safety hazard that the train had posed.



How would you react to this happening near us?

What do you think that they should do about the train?