Shower thoughts pt.3

  1. The object of gold is to play the least amount of golf.
  2. The titanic sinking must’ve been a miracle to the lobsters in the kitchen.
  3. If you drop soap on the floor is the soap dirty or the ground clean.
  4.  If everyone in the world blinked at the same time no one would no.
  5. My dogs understands some words I say yet I can’t understand a single bark they bark, maybe they’re smarter than me.
  6. An octopus is basically just a big wet spider in the ocean.
  7. If your over 30 your older than every dog in the world.  (right now)
  8. When you “bite down” on anything your actually biting up because you can’t move your upper jaw.
  9. Why aren’t apple chargers called apple juice.
  10. Cup holders are just cups for cups.
  11. If we removed all laws the crime rate would always be 0.
  12. If 2 witches watched 2 watches which witch would watch which watch
  13. When you close both eyes you see black if you close 1 eye you can see anything out of that eye.
  14. You’ve probably forgotten a moment in your life where you said “I’ll never forget this moment”.
  15.  A fish that is caught and released probably will never have a stress free meal  ever again.

Shower thoughts pt 2

  • At the age of 60 snoop dogg will be 420 in dog years.
  • If 2 mind readers read each others mind whose mind are they reading.
  • 1 million seconds is 11 days but 1 billion seconds is 33 years.
  • People with claustrophobia are fine with there brain being trapped in there skull.
  • You have only seen your face in pictures and reflections.
  • Just imagine where you will be in 15 years. (think for a second)

Cursive name symmetry

My name is in the art. I like this art because of the colors. I used symmetry with colors to make this art. I was successful while making this by putting nice vibrant colors. My favorite part of this art is the middle because it has a cool design and a cool color.

Random Shower Thoughts… pt.1

If you rip a hole in a net there are actually fewer holes than before.

What is silent in the word scent the s or the c?

Dragons can’t blow out candles on they’re birthday party:(

You will never hear about the most perfect crime.

People cut down birdhouses to make bird houses.

The only time the word incorrectly is spelled incorrectly is when it is spelled incorrectly.

When your at a restaurant, and waiting for a waiter are you the waiter?

Who came up with the expression of “Shower Thoughts”.

Ever wondered how many places you’ve already visited for the last time?

Every time you say one you’ve technically counted to 1.

Dogs hate when you blow in their face but love it when they have their head out the window when going 60 mph on the highway.

When you swim under water you are also swimming above water.

No one has ever been in an empty room.

The first person to say “cool” must’ve been pretty cool cause everyone started saying it.

You have to pretend to sleep to fall asleep.

If bees go extinct the bee movie will become historical fiction.

Money is never yours it’s just your turn to spend it.

Because there are always pregnant people, the average number of skeletons in a body are more than 1.

When a pregnant lady swims she is technically a human submarine.

Do dogs think in barks?

We are all addicted to sleep and have extreme withdraws after a day or 2.

(If you have alarms) it’s technically your theme song to start every episode.

Ever wonder if there’s a time on a clock that you haven’t seen.

The object of golf is to play the least amount of golf.

We’ve woken up thousands of times and we’re still not used to it.

And… That’s pt 1 of shower thoughts good day now.

Would You Rather

Would you rather be able to talk to animals Or be able to speak in every human language. I would rather be able to speak to animals cause I don’t really want to speak all other languages and being able to speak to your sounds fun. Also I probably wouldn’t even use the other languages because I live AMERICA and I speak english.



Would you rather?

I would rather not ever talk again because, You can still write things down if you can’t ever talk again. But it would definitely be annoying to right everything down. I don’t like the choice to speak everything in your mind because some things just belong in your head. But never talking again would be terrible because you can’t tell anyone anything or ask anything.


Who I Want to Meet

Today I will be talking about someone I want to meet! That person is Derek Carr!I want to meet Derek Carr because he plays for the Oakland Raiders. I want to meet Derek Carr because he’s a good thrower. I want to meet Derek Carr because he’s the Raiders QB.


Derek Carr plays for the Oakland Raiders.  is pretty good plus his scrambling is better and when he hands it off to Marshawn Lynch it’s normally 5 6 yards


Derek Carr is a good thrower. If he passes it to Jordy Nelson More Yards! Whenever Derek Carr Passes to Jared Cook good yards!


Derek Carr is the Raiders QB. When he passes good yards when he runs good yards when he scrambles good yards!


That’s why Derek Carr is awesome Good thrower Plays for raiders Raiders QB. That’s why I want to meet Derek Carr!