Volcano Eruptions!

In science we have been studying how the Earth’s surface can change. As an experiment for this chapter students were put into pairs and given one roll of toilet paper. From that roll they had to construct their volcano. They could use no other supplies other than water and markers. They all did a great job!

volcano-1 volcano-2 volcano-3 volcano-4 volcano-5 volcano-6 volcano-7 volcano-8 volcano-9 volcano-10 volcano-11 volcano-12


In class our homeroom watched a Kid President video on what things can be done to help change the world. The video shared that socks are one of the most needed and least received item for people in need. Our homeroom set a goal of raising 100 pairs of socks during the month of October. We accomplished our goal with 105 pairs!! All pairs were donated to Cross Connection. They were very appreciative of our good deed. Thank you to everyone who participated!

socktober-1 socktober-2

Making S’more Inferences

Last week we were busy studying how to make inferences. We used a s’more as our reference point. One graham cracker stands for using background knowledge and the other stands for using text clues from the story. Our chocolate and marshmallows are the inferences we can make. We finished out the subject with eating s’mores! smore-2 smore-one smores-3 smores-5 smores-6 smores-7 smores-4

Collaborative Projects

Our math class has been busy so far this year working on our collaborative projects. Our first unit is place value and the metric system. Two of our groups are creating ants that are 100 times the size of an average ant and one group measured their bodies using the metric system and are making life size 2D models of themselves! Check out the pictures! 1 2 3 4 5 6