Are you ready to learn about butterflies. Keep reading about butterflies. They have an interesting life cycle. People should  plant milkweed. Avoid pesticides and keep trees. They have an interesting life cycle Egg,caterpillar,pupa,butterfly. They have 4 stages. There interesting.   People should plant milkweed Plant milkweed along the way to mexico Make a milkweed garden… More Butterflies


Are you ready for an opinion about homework? I think homework is awesome! Homework is educational,Math is homework,Reading is homework. Educational helps to learn. It makes you think. You get smarter. Math you get your brain working. You get really smart. You’ll get smart. Reading you’ll learn to read. You’ll learn to read big words.… More Homework

Super bowl

Eagles! Eagles! Eagles!         Eagles will win the super bowl this is why I think the eagles are going to win the super bowl they have talented players and they deserve to win and they need reverge!!!      Talented players They have Nick Foles as there quarterback   They deserve to win They have never… More Super bowl

Toys for tots

Donate legos to Toys for Tots. There are many reasons why it is good.  Your brain will build up.  It lasts forever. You can grow to be creative.   Your brain will build up.  It will make you smarter. For example, it makes you build things like an engineer.   Legos last forever.  If you… More Toys for tots

Career Story

Beep beep beep! My alarm goes off. I see the time! I’M LATE for the first day at the army! I need to rush out of my house to go to the army. Oops I almost forgot my rpg.  Few I’m not late. I’m so glad I made the army. It was my first day… More Career Story

Hello world!

Welcome to your brand new blog at Blog.elanco.org.\n \n To get started, simply log in, edit or delete this post and check out all the other options available to you.\n \n For assistance, visit Edublogs comprehensive support site, check out Edublogs User Guide guide, or stop by The Edublogs Forums to chat with other edubloggers.\n… More Hello world!