Career Story

Amir job


I am a president of America.   I am  stopping a war.  

Mexico made the war.They hate the United State of America.

I was in the  war. I heard guns fire sounded like a shotgun. I saw people dying from the war, it was sad.  I was sad because I  don’t want people to die.  

In the United of states America I saw people punching other people.  I smell smoke because they had bow and arrows on fire and they shot them at us.  

Mexicans had a tank  and kept shooting at us.  I had a  helicopter.  It went u raaaaa.  Then I was shooting missiles. I smelled smoke everywhere.  I got the fire department to make the fire stop I said, “STOP!”  THey stopped.  The cops helped me stop it.  THey got the army to stop it too.  We surrounded the Mexicans and the Army had guns and shields.  

And they lived happily ever after.