early dismissals are better than snow days

Early dismissals are better than snow days. They are better because snow days you have to make up at the end of the year. That stinks because then you have to stay longer at the end of the year. Then you will have a shorter summer vacation. Noone wants a shorter vacation.

Early dismissals though, you only have half a day. So if you have 2 early dismissals, then it’s like you got to skip a day of school for free. Plus, everyone wants a free day off school. But the good news is that you typically have more than 2 early dismissals a year, so its like you have more than 1 day off school. I hope you agree with me now.

New Year’s Resolutions

People make new year’s resolutions so they can start of the year on a good note. They also make them so they can set goals to do better. Common new year’s resolutions are eating healthier, losing weight, get organized, etc. Only 8% of people actually complete their new year’s resolutions. Only 60% of people make new year’s resolutions. My family does not make new years resolutions.