May 12

Book Review #2

The book I read was “the Blind Side: Evolution of a Game” Book by Michael Lewis. This book is about a homeless id who gets adopted into a very rich family and although questioned the move at first, they never looked back. There was some ups and some downs but everything works out in the end.

May 8

Vocab Week

It was once a stormy night and my very skittish dog was hiding everywhere.  We lived in a very confined home so it wasn’t that hard to find him but he was super elusive so it was hard to catch him. To compromise with this, I gave him treats and would gain more of his trust instead of just trying to run around and catch him.

April 28


The NFL draft happened last night and they took a running back even though they already had two of them. It didn’t make sense and many people were shocked to see them make that pick. They also took Jack Campbell, a LB out of Iowa who was projected to be taken in the later rounds.

April 21

Vocab word story

A family of four once got stuck on an abandon island. They kept feeling weird shaking noises and realaized that it was an earthquake. luckily one of the guys in the group was a meteorologist and said it was a magnitude 3.2 earthquake. Once that ended 2 people in the group started getting lost and they were trying to prank the other 2.

“Quit dilly-dallying and come back,” demanded the one.

They than ran into a whole bunch of elusive and fast cheetahs. they had to get off the island quick and then they made a compromise with the Russians on a walkie-talkie that their radio station connected to. Russians wanted all the wood on the island and they would then take them back.

April 14

Book Project #2

The book that I chose is “The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game,” I chose this book because it looked like something I would want to read based on the cover and I was right. I really like the dialogue in this book and think it will be so much fun to finish.

March 31

Alternate Ending

Juliet takes the potion but Friar gave her the wrong one and instead of making her go to sleep it killed her. The family finds the empty bottle, and they press charges againts Friar. He goes to jail and when Romeo tries to come back he is immedietly swarmed by guards and locked away. Juliet gets burried and Paris visits every night. Romeo gets out and goes to try and find Juliet. Only to find out she’s dead, he see’s this and jumps off a bridge.

March 17

Week 8

It was a beautiful day out until the big storm rolled in. It wasn’t supposed to be a super bad storm but the severity of the aftermath was devastational. We had catastrophic flooding and some people had to tread water to survive. Houses were slandered and destroyed. It was such an awful experience and many people experienced transgressing, as they were being robbed and mugged in the storm.

March 10

Gridiron Genuis

My book was called gridiron genius. It was a about a former NFL manager and 3 time superbowl champion and what it takes to be one of the best player and coach in the league. It takes a lot more than you think and he (Michael Lombardi). I thought that this book was very interesting and owul definitely read more like it.

ABC project.

March 3

Bear Escapes Enclosure at St. Louis… AGAIN!

A 4- year old Andean bear named Ben, escaped from his enclosure in St.Louis, Missouri. “Guests and staff members were moved indoors, and Ben was secured roughly 50 minutes later,” the zoo said. People were saying that the bear is curious of things , and he tore through stainless steel clips that they put they from the last time he escaped. The bear did not hurt anyone and is back at the zoo safely.