Mar - 07 2022

This weekend i did a lot of things! I went to my cousins house and it was a lot of fun, we went outside and jumped on their trampoline and they have a four wheeler and we rode it and it was really fun! and one of my puppies got sold his name is milton […]

Jan - 03 2022

I had a pretty good new years eve! Me and my family went to our friends house and we had very good food and we had fun, we watched the ball drop and we did some other things. Its 2022 now. That’s what i did on new years eve

Dec - 17 2021

I’m so excited for christmas!! Christmas is my favorite holiday. There’s so much things that get me excited for christmas like, hot coco, christmas lights, snow, christmas decor, christmas colors,  cozy coats, and a lot more. I am excited for christmas break and christmas. One of my favorite things about christmas is sledding and opening […]

Dec - 07 2021

I used lines and colors and art to make my cursive symmetry art piece. I like my art piece and it has a lot of color and shapes. My favorite part is how blended in my name is in the paper with all the color and one thing on my paper looks like cows. On […]

Nov - 17 2021

My dog had puppies, it’s not my dog its my moms but  her name is harper. She had 6 puppies and they are so cute there are 4 girls and 2 boys. There are two full black ones with little bit of white and black spots on their noses and there are 4 full white […]

Oct - 14 2021

I like the time of fall does that get you excited about fall? It gets me excited about fall. Fall is just a beautiful time of year the weather changes so more bonfires, leaves changing,pumpkin patches, the fair and parade, sweatshirts and sweatpants, crisp leaves, thanksgiving, turkey, my birthday, hanging out with family and friends, […]

Sep - 27 2021

I don”t know what i would do because i want to be able to speak but not all my thoughts so i don’t know which one i would choose. I don’t want to speak all my thoughts but i want to be able to talk. this is a hard one so i would pick neither […]

Aug - 31 2019

School is ending and it is time for summer. I will miss my friends and my teachers. but I’m super excited for summer and I’m so ready for school to be done. there’s two more days of school left and I’m can’t wait for summer to arrive. oh summer summer I love the flowers I […]

May - 15 2019

                        SUMMER!!!! By Ashlyn   I am so excited for summer but I will miss my best friends. I will miss my best friends and my teacher Mrs. Opdyke.  She left to have a baby. I am excited because I will have more free time and no homework. I am going to miss my friends and […]

Mar - 17 2019

Llummy the leprechaun we will miss you but your time is done here. You have  to go back to Ireland so have a good fun leprechaun life and trick some kids out there by Llummy. I will miss you so much and remmeber to have a good Lucky life.

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