My weekend!

Mar - 07 2022 | By

This weekend i did a lot of things! I went to my cousins house and it was a lot of fun, we went outside and jumped on their trampoline and they have a four wheeler and we rode it and it was really fun! and one of my puppies got sold his name is milton and he is a boy and he is the one who got sold, we still have one more puppie left and shes a girl and her name is magy. My other dog is at the breeders so she might have puppies in a month mabey. My weekend was fun and relaxing


  1. kinsey_hartert says:

    This is wonderful, Ashlyn! I’m so glad that you had such a fun weekend. I like how you told us about the puppies name and which ones you have left. I wonder which of your dogs is currently at the breeder. Does your family have puppies often?

    • marhoa16 says:

      The dog that was at the breeders, her name is keya, and yes we do have puppies a lot because we also have 3 dogs that we breed. The dog that was at the breeders is now back and we don’t know if she is pregentate yet but we can tell when she will get bigger and when she will have puppies!

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