Harper had puppies.

Nov - 17 2021 | By

My dog had puppies, it’s not my dog its my moms butĀ  her name is harper. She had 6 puppies and they are so cute there are 4 girls and 2 boys. There are two full black ones with little bit of white and black spots on their noses and there are 4 full white ones with some grey. They are so cute. They are only a couple of days old so we can’t hold them yet and there eyes aren’t open yet either. harper is the mom of the puppies and she is a mini bernedoodle and she is has light brown and white on her. this is her second litterĀ  her last litter she had 5 and they were all white with a little bit of black on them, but they were so cute too. I am so excited when i can hold them and there eyes open and when they get older but there still puppies and when they get so play full and fluffy.


  1. kinsey_hartert says:

    Oh my goodness, Ashlyn- they sound SO CUTE! I love how you described the puppies. I wonder what you are going to name them?

  2. tollec5 says:

    Wow they sound so cute Ashlyn I liked how you described the puppies and harper and I wonder if are you keeping all of them or selling them?

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