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By Ashlyn


I am so excited for summer but I will miss my best friends. I will miss my best friends and my teacher Mrs. Opdyke.  She left to have a baby. I am excited because I will have more free time and no homework.

I am going to miss my friends and teachers. I’m not going to see them every day. And I am used to seeing my teachers every day so I am going to miss them. Sometimes I will be bored because school entertains me all day.

On a good thing, I will not have homework and have more free time. I get to go to the beach and cabin.  At the cabin there is a ninja warrior course or a little one and a zip line. I will be able to sleep in till 10:00 am. Or whenever.  I am so excited for the cabin.

I am excited for summer  because I am going to the cabin and the beach.but I will miss my friends and my teachers also.happy summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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