STBC week 4 Fire drill

Fire fire get out of the building !

When we have a fire drill at are school it is important to listen and watch for directions. When we do a fire drill we line up quickly and quietly.Go out the back door and line up.But if your in your math or reading class you split up in homerooms.Then they call your cubby  number 1 by 1.And then we face the building because if it was a real situation a fire man will be in front of building and so you can get directions.If your self or clothes get on fire do the following,Stop drop and roll.

Some tips for a fire drill do’s                       do not

  • Follow directions                                     Run
  • Be quiet                                                      go back in building
  • Get out and stay out                                 mess around
  • Walk quickly                                               talk

So if there is any fire you know what to do if there was a fire.

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