Student Blog Challenge: Picture Story Teller

fish-tank-842729_640        hook-307153_640-1               captain-hook-1385541_640

Sponge bob was looking for something     he saw a hook                                  he played on it

to do


woman-1562560_640    fishing-1667052_640                    search-768328_640

before he can run away                                      he got hooked!                                                       they never saw him again


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The Blue Ball Extra Red Ribbon Week


Red Ribbon Week at Blue Ball Elementary

By:Lily and Emily  

Drug Awareness

It’s Red Ribbon week at Blue Ball.It is a healthy drug free runs through  October 23-27th.The main of drugs are Chewing tabaco,Alcohol,and Cigarettes.

What were wearing

On Monday we are wearing red.That is the color of the ribbon.We wear it to remind us to be healthy and drug-free.Tuesday we are wearing our shirts backwards to turn our backs on making bad choices and instead make good choices.Wednesday we wear something yellow to bee safe at blue ball elementary.Thursday we walk to school to sneak away from drugs while  also wearing crazy socks!And now Friday,wear blue and grey are school colors to get in the spirit of making good choices and being drug free!What’s good about the week.

win_20161027_102121-2We all are wearing the same thing.That make all of us feel like we are all in it  in it together.We feel like we all are trying to get people to not do drugs or start drugs.It is good to feel that you are working together to help the world not to do drugs.

Don,t Drug.

We shall never do drugs.It causes lots of health problems.Stay helthy all year!Even though it’s not Red Ribbon week every week we should still be drug free.


The Crazy Zoo

The Greedy Lion Tiger The Tiger
there once was a lion named Sam Tiger the tiger loves to run
His favorite food was ham when he runs he has fun
he ate ham everyday down the dirt path he goes
until the pigs ran away in his dirty clothes
now all he could eat was yams then he is done

Inky The Seal Mrs. Kangaroo
There once was a seal named ink My friend Mrs. Kangaroo
his favorite color is pink went to the zoo
his favorite food was fish she got put in a cage
he only ate it on a dish she started to rage
and he loved to skate on an ice rink then she said MOO!

The Magic Egg

 Once upon a time  it was my  birthday.  My name is Emily and today I am 8 .


Then late in the afternoon like at 6:00 She rectified a package  it said To Twixy from you know who.  She was confused because I did not know who it was from.It could be from ashlen,Katty,or Rachel.

So then I asked my mom,What should I do with this egg?Of course she said keep it.It was glowing so much and making too much noies I got tired of it.


    So at like 12:30 at night I climbed out of my bedroom window and went.I went to glacier creek valley and In the lake I grabbed the egg and right after I grabbed it it cracked!So

 So then I took the egg shell and laid it inside and dropped it in the river.Then I fell in.The little critter puffed up into like this raft and I climbed on it.Then after We got to shore I said to myself I guess it isn’t that bad I will name it sofi.

   So we went home and after that My mom said “Do you still want it”?I said yes so I trained it and lived happily ever after.So then I took it inside Made it a bed and habbitat we loved him.At first I guess I did not Know how good I had it.

The similarities of my avatar and me

Me and  my avatar have a lot of similarities and I am glad to tell you some ways we are the same!

Me and My avatar looks  kinda like me and have some of my favorite  style like blue diamonds.I like diamonds because they are were and they just looks nice. That is  why I chose that background because it matches me and my personality.Also I chose the color blue because in cartons diamonds are blue and blue is my favorite color.

I look at my nose shape and all of the choices.I did that for the mouth,eyes,hair,skin and glasses.It took a little time to decide but I did.So that is how I went though the steps of making the face.

I made my shirt color pink and a turtle neck shirt because my favorite color is pink.I normally were pink every day so that is my shirt color.Also one last thing for the accessories I also did pink for my glasses

does that information match find out!


svga43635480091973244    I found this at

Washington D.C Zoo

                                  This is about my experience at the D.C Zoo.

         It took about 4 hours to get there,  but when we got there it was a dream come true.  I got to see all the animals at the zoo.   I saw the white  house but unfortunately, it took 45 minutes to get there.  Because we went around in cycles .

        Then we went inside and went on the elephant trail and saw a baby and  large elephants.  In that habitat, I saw lots of trees and bushes.  I wounder why there were no peanuts?  Then we reached the end so we went to the turtles.


     We went to the turtle habitat and we saw all of these turtles and men they were funny.  One turtle was trying to get on a rock and it fell like 10 times.  That is why I call him clumsy.  There were a lot of turtles and facts.  Some turtles were edict like sea turtles.


    Then we went to the apes.They were funny too they made poses and played with there food.They also have facts and they were climbing on this line above us I wish I was higher so I could play it.

Then we went to the gift shop everything was expensive so we got water bottles.  And then we went home.  So that is what my experience at the D.C zoo.