What I did on Christmas Break

When christmas rolled around we hosted Christmas at our house. We have a lot of younger kids so I was one of the last to open my gifts. Although I get very little gifts they’re still very expensive which I really appreciate! Some of the gifts that are coming up are: Ifly, Girls night!, Dying my hair! We also have a tradition that my auntie takes us to a special place! I only remember a few, we went to a spa then this outdoor tree ziplining thingy, then last year we went to an escape room. This year we’re going snow tubing!! After christmas my uncle died so my dad went to his funeral for 3 days. And since my mom is a nurse and works night shift we had to go to my grandparents. It was very fun! Then on New Years we also hosted New Years. The adults left to go somewhere and my oldest sister watched us. Sadly the parents were 5 minutes late due to traffic so the younger kids celebrated New Years by themselves. The next day my 2 oldest cousins Brenda and Alexis came over to dye flowers for my grandparents retirement party. That was my eventful 2 weeks!

What im doing this week

This week im gonna go see my cousins in michigan. I have 10 close cousins up there. Im most excited to see is bubba. His real name is Andrew but bubba is his nickname. I connect with him the most since last January. I really wanna try and connect with them but I dont really think they will get it because 5/7 of them are guys and the youngest is 16 I think. The oldest is already married and has a kid. The 2 girls Catie and Caroline are old too! Caroline is in college and Catie is a teenager. But im excited to see them.

Cursive name Symmetry name

I used the same colors and lines in each corner that made the art. I used red, orange, yellow, green, purple, and blue as colors. I also put lines and connected stuff which made an arch. I colored each arch a different color.  I think I was successful by making it all symmetrical in each corner and making sure each shape had colors in it and it matched.

My weekend :)

My weekend was great! On Saturday I had my first lacrosse game! Parker came to my lacrosse game and cheered me on. During the game was very fun. I did ” push ” this one girl but to me I felt like she fell on her own. I scored a total of 5 goals! My favorite goal was probably when I caught it half way in the field and scored it right between the goalie’s legs! Honestly for me I think that goal was just luck because if I were a second late I wouldn’t have made it. Right before half time I felt a pain right above my chest, not my neck though. I had to stay off the field for sometime so I felt bad because they couldn’t sub anyone out. After the game we went to get boba! We took parker because well wee drove him there so we obviously had to bring him. I got caramel milk tea and parker got strawberry lemonade. After that we went home. On Sunday was more of a chill day I woke up, took my medicine, ( it wasn’t sick medicine it was because I had surgery and I needed it for something I don’t know why though ) ate a little bit of breakfast, and around 4 o’clock I went outside and hung out with parker again ( we have a hangout streak of 6 days in a row! ) then around 5:30 when it got late parker went home because it was dark out. Then I went upstairs, ( because we were outside but then my dad told us to come in because it was cold out ) and when I got upstairs I just went on my phone and texted my friend.After awhile I went to sleep :). That was my awesome weekend!



Egg roll sale

This week my cousins are coming down from college! The eldest cousin came last night but the second oldest is coming tonight I think, were having an eggroll sale. Last time we had one we made 700$. We took the 700$ and went to hershey park just the 2 oldest cousins (20,23, 23 is Brenda her sisters are Jae and Alexis, Alexis is 20), my sister Lani (14), my cousin Jae (12,Arenda and alexis sister), me (11), and my cousin Aaro (he has 3 younger siblings from the age range of 5-1, Honer Aaro’s sister is in 1st grade she didn’t go sadly).Anyways going back on topic I hope we sell as much as we did last garage sale. Usually make a lot of money from egg rolls before we moved but now we make less but that’s ok because we have fun rolling egg rolls together and selling them. I hope Jae and Aaro come, Jae is 89% coming Aaro is a 47% depends if everyone is coming like last time or just my grandmother, Brenda, Alexis (i’m not sure if she’s coming) me, my sister, and maybe Jae. My mom usually yells at us because we’re not doing something correct which when she yells it gets annoying really fast. Thats all I can think of so bye.

      I Love Fall!

      I Love Fall!

  By:Madysen Ly

It’s apples

It’s leaves falling from trees

It’s spiders

It’s wind blowing leaves

It’s nuts on the ground

It’s clouds filling the air

It’s silent outside

It’s kids wearing sweaters

It’s leaves changing colors

It’s Basketball shooting hoops, lacrosse starting

It’s cold outside

It’s festivals starting

It’s hibernating ‘till spring

It’s indoor recess

It’s shivering all over

It’s farmers putting their animals away

It’s friends over

It’s roses and flowers,

It’s bees trying to finish

It’s rain dripping.

VR Field Trip

We did VR on Tuesday.we didn’t do something fun on the VR. We were actually doing something that involve’s school so we did recycling.I also knew that recycling does not go to landfills.I learned that recycling is the MOST IMPORTANT THING well family is but ITS THE 3RD MOST IMPORTANT THING ON EARTH>Or else the world will be stinky and no one likes stinky.So BYE!!!



Landis Valley Museum

Hi everyone yesterday we went to “Landis Valley Museum”.My shapurown was Mrs.Jamie she’s SUPER nice and AWESOME.First we went to school everyone said “really we just got out of school now were back i school”but it was super cool inside there was olden day desks,chalkboards,chalk,cloth and yea oh and there was a thing it was like a horn shape and if you weren’t sitting strait or not putting your hands on your desk or standing on the right side when you talk you would have to where the horn shaped hat and they would also pin a piece of paper sticking on your back and instead of staying at your desk you would have to stand or sit in the front of the whole class and when you went home people would see you running around with the paper on your back and everyone would know you were being bad at school and also your parents would have to sign the paper and if your parents dont you would properly get in trouble by your teacher.Ok let’s skip to lunch first we went on the bus got are lunches found a spot in the sun and we ate are lunches I had 2 oreos,a sandwich,water,peanut butter crackers,BBQ chips and yea and Ashlynn had i think a turkey sandwich with cheese its,BBQ and sour cream onions chips and Noah he had nacho cheese lunch a bowls and kayson had a turkey sandwich and he ate a few of Noah’s nacho cheese and a few chips oh and mikeanights and Keagan had brownies,ice tea,a sandwich,mkeanights and my shapurown had 2 nerd sticks a sandwich and a big bag of chips.We ate and then Gavin came over and so did Jordan and Dakota they asked Keagan and Kayson for mikeanights so they gave them a few and then we left oh and then we cut out a few shape’s put the cool shape’s on a piece of paper and we put are names on the paper and we put it in a paper bag and then we went to go look at a lady cook.And yea thats all we did more but yea i got to go sooo BYE!!!


Field Trip Day!!!

Hi everyone on Tuesday we got to go to Blue Braker Park. It was fun I just liked the games they had.It was so cool to touch rabbits,chicks,pigs,and goats.I loved the chicks the chick bundled in my hands i almost I said I almost touched its eye!!!I know I know its just that I had no idea I touched its eye its not my mistake because it moved its face and I didnt know that because I was listening to the teacher. Ok ok maybe MAYBE it was my mistake well maybe ok MOVIN ON now the goats they where SOOOOOOOOOO sleepy I couldn’t see the eyes OH and the pig oh my gosh it was SOOOOOOO CUTE OH and we got to see a dead landerflys they hurt the earth well that’s all for right now so…….. BYE!!!!!!