Bowling Team is Section 2 Champions

You might find Garden Spot Bowling Team under the definition of “Dynasty” in the dictionary.  It is currently the most consistently successful sport at Garden Spot.  For the fifth year in a row the bowling team won the L/L League Section 2 championship.  This year they finished the league season with a record of 11-1 and an overall record of 13-2.  On top of that the team won the prestigious Ice Breaker Tournament back in December.  This is a tournament that hosts the best bowling teams in District 3.  Although the team was in first place with a record of 10-1 going into the last match of the season, they had to bowl Elizabethtown, the second place team, at their home center and had to win at least one point out of seven.  Elizabethtown was on a roll at that time and had the same record as the Spartans, but was in second on fewer points.  The Spartans cam through and beat E-town 7-0 to claim their fifth Section championship in a row.  The team is now preparing for the upcoming PIAA District 3 tournament.  The team was lead throughout the season by the top five bowlers, Matt Martin (12), Sirena Rowland (12), Nick Martin (11), Nate Wallace (11), and Travis Balowski (11).  The team is coached by Harry Charlesen.

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