Woodworking Seminar Makes Museum Replicas of Kayaks

During the Spring Semester of 2012, six Garden Spot students in the Woodworking Seminar class completed museum replicas of original skin-on-frame Greenland and Aleutian-style kayaks as well as paddles.  They were all built with Western red cedar with steam-bent white-ash ribs and a stitched-on nylon skin.  The finished kayaks weigh between 24 and 30 pounds.








Left to Right:

Nate Good-  17’10” West Greenland kayak from 1888

Josiah Stoltzfus – same

Daniel Danilyuk  –  16’6” East Greenland kayak from 1931

Rob Barrett –  16’-6” Aleutian baidarka from 1845

Erica Robles – 16’-10” Aleutian baidarka from 1845

Lizz Wagner – 12’6” Aleutian baidarka from 1845

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