A French Fashion Show

Garden Spot High School’s French 2 students have been mastering how to identify clothing and apparel items in French, to include mastering how to describe in detail the colors,size, styles, materials, and costs of these items, which shops they would most likely find these items, and how to ask  a salesckek for help, pay for, return, and  buy these items using cash, ,debit/credit  cards, and checks, all in French.  To demonstrate and celebrate their extensive learning and application of all they mastered,  students were tasked with creating their own hilarious or elegant fashion outfit, compose the commentator’s description of their outfit which they then, of course modeled.  In addition to providing the outfit, students  provided an  imaginary description about themselves,  the ‘model’  which they shared with the audience.  The commentator’s information focused on at least five articles:  sharing what it was made of, where you could buy it, how much it would cost in euros, what kind of article it was (for an elegant dinner, casual soiree), and detailed descriptions of whether the items were high-heeled, long sleeved, without a collar, striped, polka-dotted etc.  Character descriptions shared with the class  included a student from Hogsworth, a divorced professor from China, a university student working to help pay for their education, and a mother of three who was from the United States.   Students not  only  brought in mis-matched clothing items, but availed themselves of wigs, glasses, amusing slippers, makeup, and eyeglasses with a fake nose, homemade ‘bling’, and other hilarious items to complete their outfits.   The most memorable aspects of this assignment was observing the energy, high interest, and creativity that the students displayed throughout develpment of their project and the support the students gave each other in their performances.

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