Babysitter disaster

  Babysitter disaster                                                                                                              By: Gabriella Horst

          So, I am  Charlotte and I am  going to be babysitting for the first time. I am hoping it goes well. Hopefully it is not a babysitting disaster. “Ding-Dong” I rang the doorbell. When they answered  I was really nervous but when I saw them I thought they were cute and it was going to be easy. At least that’s what I thought. When I got there it was about 10:00 a.m so I needed to make breakfast. I said “guys, what do you want to eat”.” Do you mean all of us” they said.  I thought were only two of you. They said “ Uh… why do you say that”. Well because only to of you answered the door this morning. They said “ Oh no there are four more up stairs”. Then they said there age “ There is a four year old, eight year old, two year old, nine year old, and then there’s us and we are twins that ten years old. Six of you! Well back on topic what do you want to eat. OK… do all of you just want pancakes and eggs. They all yelled “YEAH”. It was about fifteen minutes later and we all sat down to eat. While we were eating one of them said “what is your name”. I told them my name was Charlotte. When they were almost  done eating I asked them when their parents get home. One of the twins said “ our mom is single and she works three jobs so she gets home around 10:30 p.m”. I said OK and that today should be fun. After breakfast they did their chores well at least the ones that ones. Then when they were done they asked me “hey Charlotte can we go to the park please”. I told them wants I get your brothers and sisters ready. It was about half an hour later. I said OK get your shoes on and get in the van. They played for about three hours so when we got back from the park it was 1:00 p.m. They sat and watched TV while I made lunch. I called guys, lunch is ready. I made hotdogs and mac and cheese. They ate really fast. Then they relaxed for a long time while I cleaned up. Now it was about 3:00 p.m and I gave them a snack. They got peanut butter and crackers. After they had a snack they played with their toys for a good hour. Then they said they want to play on the play set in the backyard. I yelled because I could have them play in the backyard. They were really good at the beginning of the day, but they started acting up around 4:00 p.m. I started to make dinner as they played happlie. Soon after I told them dinner was done. This time I made spaghetti and meatballs. They ate that slow because they didn’t like it. They said “can we eat something else please”. I told them no because this is what I made. They were mis-behaving worse than they were before. They were fighting, yelling, making messes, and refusing to listen. I was really struggling pretty bad. It was only 6:00 p.m. I yelled and told them all to go to their rooms. That’s when I knew that the rest of the night was  going to be a babysitting disaster. They were in there rooms for awhile and I thought they were going to listen, but I was incorrect. They were still acting up and they tried to jump out a window. It was only the twins, eight year old, and the nine year old. They said “oh no she caught us”. I was so angry. I told them to sit on the couch and watch TV but instead they called some friends early in the day so they played a long time with their friends. They were bad with their friends to. When their friends left it was 9:00 and I sat them down to talk to them about the day. I told them what they did today was unexpected and I also told them I had probably going to tell their mother when she would get home they said “ we understand and it won’t happen again and that they were sorry. It was 10:00 by the time we were done talking and their thank goodness that their other siblings were asleep. I told them to go to bed. They listened. I cleaned up a little bit. Then I sat on the couch to watch TV I fell asleep really fast. Then my alarm went off that I set early in the day when I found out when their mother got home. I jumped up to unlock the door. When I opened the door she said “hello and goodnight”. I could tell that she did not have three jobs she had more from tiered she was. I ended sleeping their so in the morning I could help a little more. Then I fell asleep.



New Year’s Traditions (I do with my family)


My family has different traditions because I have lot of cultures for example Mexican, Latin, Canadian,  American, and Dutch. I will explain one, my aunt is Dutch so this is very common pork and sauerkraut. It came from the dutch. Something this is not about cultures, but we always have 6 party poppers we do at midnight, we eat ice cream, we make pizza, and we celebrate as entire family. On January 1 we always eat pork and sauerkraut as a family and we wash our sheeps, curtains, pillow cases, and deep clean. Those are some traditions I do.

Summer of Swans (summary and opinion)

I am going to summarize the book without giving the ending away. First, the main characters charlie and sara. Next, the setting of the story is the house and the lake those are the main places. Last, charlie love swans. That was my summary.

Now I will tell you my opinion. First, I was not a big fan of the book it did not catch my attention. Next, the reason I didn’t like the book it was not my type book I like comedy books. Last, I was not exciting to me. That is my opinion.



I will tell you about the plot a the story. First, Wanda was riding a motorcycle with charlie riding to the lake. Next, Sara has orgore tennis shoes and she dyed them baby blue that did not turn out well. Last, he left the house at night and was not in bed next morning. That was the plot.

That is it for Summer of Swans.

quailty blog post


quality blog post

  1. Good detail
  2. Stay on topic
  3. Good hook
  4. Proper spelling and grammar
  5. No plagiarizing
  6. Put effort into your blog post


That is a quality blog post. If you follow those steps people will want read your stuff.


THE MAGICAL WELL!!!! First story

Once there was a normal 10 year old boy. One day he was taking a hike in the woods behind his house and when he was walking he found a well he said ” Oh it’s just a normal well. Lets still make a wish. though.” He got so excited. So he made a wish ” I want to be hilarious. Then he started to float and sparkle and then he felt tingly. he yells “YES” I am hilarious I hope. His mom called Joshua “time for dinner”.

He walked in and said “what’s for dinner” his mom said “roast beef”.” YUMMY” he replies. He scoops it in his mouth. His mother said “eat slower or you will get a belly ache”. He listened. Some time later after he finished dinner he went and to the well. He made so many wishes like I want a puppy I want a pool full chocolate. He got everything he wished for. He went home covered in chocolate. Some time later he got home and his mother said ” why are you so muddy get in the shower before you track mud all over the house”. He tried telling her it was chocolate but she didn’t believe him. So he hopped in the shower the water was brown he yelled MOM, I POOPED IN THE SHOWER!!” She said “what really why. He replies ” HA it was just the mud /chocolate.”

After a little while he said mom  I am going to hit the hay good night. When he layed down he thought about all the other wishes he could make so after his mom falls asleep he can sneak to the magical well. 1 hour later his mom finally fell asleep. So, he quietly out of bed and got shoes on. When he got to the well he made thousands of wishes. He was rich by the end of the night. He made just at dawn his mom was just waking up. when she wakes she said “I will make breakfast for you before I go to work. He replies “what are you making” his said “toast and eggs.” Later that when his mother left he said nothing time for the well he got on his bike and road there. When he got there the well was GONE. He yelled and screamed. Later on he was thinking. Maybe the moved. He went searching for the well all over the woods. He looked high he looked low. Later that it just showed up at the same spot.