My Weekend

This weekend I did really do much but I did go to the mall because my brother got A gift card for christmas. And he wanted to go to Game Stop and so we went to the Game Stop near us and then they did not have the game he wanted so we had to go to the mall. And when we went to the mall we started walking and then my mom did not bring the gift card in the mall so we had to go back to the car and get the card. Then on the way to go to Game Stop we went to Forever 21 and then went to Game Stop. And after that we went to go get food and then went to the store.

My Weekend

I did not really do much this weekend but I did go to my dads work to go and change the oil. And I did put the tires back on because when you change the oil you have to take off the tires.And when we were doing that we found A butterfly on the engine and I preserved the butterfly.And I named it Sunny.

My Weekend

This weekend I went to go and pick out candles for christmas.And then we went shopping. And I played with my puppy she likes biting people.And you might ask why do we get candles for christmas? well we have a family tradition to get candles for christmas.This year we got Pink Sands it smells so good and we also got Sicilian Lemon they smell so good.

Cursive Name Symmetry Name

First I wrote my name in cursive on a tiny paper with A pencil.And then I traced it in sharpe and then I traced it with pencil and then sharpe.And then made some lines and then colors and glued it on a colored paper.I am successful in symmetry because I can do the same design.

My weekend

So this weekend was not the fun’st weekend.Because my one ear got infected and that is why I don’t have earring anymore.And why my ear got infected you might be asking well this is why.So one night I was sleeping and then I woke up and my earring was missing and that really freaked me out.But then I was trying to see what happen to my earring and I was soon to figer that out.It was in my ear.And when I found it in my ear I freaked out. But at the end of my day on friday I got it out and I will never get my ears pearst again.And that is my weekend .

Making fudge!!!

Today I made fudge, first we filled out our paper that we had to fill out before we made the fudge. And then we made the fudge and now they are going to get the fudge it is going to be good.It was so good!!!

My Weekend

This weekend  I went to the cabin and it was so fun!!! And the best part of the cabin was the basement.And I even saw a bobcat but then I ran back inside.My family made the best food at the cabin it was so good I loved it. The next best thing about the cabin was the woods and the walks. And I only go ones a year so the nexts time I go is when I am in 7th grade. And it is going to be the same date that I when this year.







Would you rather?

I would rather never speak again.Because I would not like to speak my thoughts out loud.And you might say things you don’t want to say out loud.

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good bye blog

This is my last blog in till 4 grad. I will miss writing on my blog. But I am so excited for summer cuz it’s almost my birthday. And another reason I am so excited for summer is because I get to go to my babysitter’s again and see all my friends. My third grade now I’m going to 4th . Nervous and excited to go to 4th grade. bye blog. See you in fourth grade.



By Autumn Fox


I am looking forward to the end of the school year.  The 3 reasons are because of going to my babysitter’s house, going to the beach and, my birthday is on June 29th.  I am looking forward to seeing my babysitter. She is fun. She sometimes gets water balloons and her pool out to play with.

Another reason I am looking forward to summer is because of the beach.  I get to see my friend when I go to the beach. Sometimes she gets water toys for us to play with, we go to Eagles’ Peak and we celebrate my birthday.  At the beach we can play in the sand, build sand castles and collect seashells. Then we jump on the trampoline. Lastly, we go swimming in the pool and I get to wear my new bathing suits.  

My last reason for wanting summer is because my birthday is in June.  I get to have a party. I get to go to the pool. I hope I get lots of birthday presents like last year.  

As you can see I am looking forward to summer.  I am excited to see my babysitter. Also, I am excited to go to the beach.  Lastly, I am super duper excited to have a birthday party in June.