Cardboard Sculptures

I used art elements and principles of design to create an interesting sculpture because I made a pop up sculpture and it looks like I wanted it to. I was successful because it looks like I wanted and because I learned something. I learned that it is hard to make a cardboard sculpture.

What I Would Risk My Life For

I would risk my life for anyone. I would risk my life knowing that I could die for some random person I don’t know. Because I would die knowing that I was a hero to someone else because I would love for my life to have helped someone else and if that meant that I would have died for that person, then so be it. The bottom line is that I would risk my life, knowing that I could die, for anyone.

What I Think About the Quote

“You have as much as you create. You create as much as you are willing to create.”

Meir Ezra


From this quote, I took anything that you have ever done in life is all because of you. That also comes with the effort and the dedication belonging to you as well. I also think it means that everything that you have created also comes to you when you want to see your accomplishments.



The Best Ways to Spend Winter Nights

The best ways to spend winter nights at home are to spend time with your family, watch some TV, or even read a book. You can have fun with all of these things because they all consist of fun and exciting things to do to pass time during a winter night. With the spending time with your family part, you always want to spend time with loved ones because one day they won’t be there to spend time with. And those are some things you can do to pass time on a cold winter night.

How Was Your Weekend?

My weekend was great because it consisted of seeing my cousin and having a sleepover, watching football, and playing with my friends on xbox. I found it really fun because it had things I love to do and have on the weekend. I played with my friends Keagan and Owen. Me and Keagan played Fortnite, Madden 21, and Forza horizon 5. Me and Owen played Fortnite and Forza horizon 5. We all together played Fortnite and Forza horizon 5. Overall, my weekend was great and I had a lot of fun.

What I Want for Christmas 2021

What I want for Christmas in 2021 is a Justin Jefferson jersey, an Oculus quest 2, and an Apollo Creed fighting game for the Oculus quest 2. I want a Justin Jefferson jersey because he is my favorite NFL player ever. He does a dance called “The Griddy” and I find it really cool so that’s why I want a Justin Jefferson jersey. I want an Oculus quest 2 because it’s VR and I think VR is really cool because you feel like you are going into another world and see different stuff than in real life. You can also play games on it. I want the Apollo Creed fighting game because it’s really like you’re fighting people and looks really cool. I got all the stuff I wanted last year, so I think I will get everything I want this year. Happy Birthday to Jesus and Merry Christmas.

Thanksgiving Weekend

This Thanksgiving weekend I had a lot of fun by doing some really fun things, such as, playing with my friends on xbox, having a great actual Thanksgiving, and just seeing my family every day thanks to god’s grace and god’s glory. I started to do stuff on Thanksgiving like thanking god to allow me to wake up, see my family, and have lots of food on the table for me and my family to eat on Thanksgiving. Then after Thanksgiving dinner, I played with my friends on xbox and had a wonderful time. Then on Friday, I just sat at home playing with my friends and played basketball in my driveway. After that, on Saturday, Me and my family went out to the mall and got dinner as well. Then we ended off with some Christmas shows on TV. Then on Sunday, I once again played with my friends on xbox and watched youtube. Yet again, thanks to god’s grace, glory, and amazingness, I had the picture perfect Thanksgiving weekend given to me and my family.

Family Thanksgiving 2021

My family Thanksgiving is always fun and I always enjoy Thanksgiving because it’s a time where I see tons of my family members that I usually don’t see much like my cousin Zachary. Thanksgiving is always fun for me and my family and we really enjoy it a lot. At Thanksgiving dinner, we usually have a turkey, stuffing, water, ham, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, and mac & cheese. We go to a place called Millers and all the food comes  from their buffet and there are a lot of other food options. To wrap up, I think that Thanksgiving is a great holiday.


Peaceful Leaders Collaborative Presentation Reflection

These past couple weeks, we’ve been working on our collaborative peaceful leaders presentations. We did a presentation on the famous man, Martin Luther King Jr. and I’d say it went pretty well. We worked well together as a group making the project and I think we had a great presentation. The only thing that I would change is that we should’ve put our resources that we used. Overall, I think we did great and got a 3/3 for overall grade.

Cursive Name Symmetry By: Dante

I have created a piece of art called “Super” and it consists of colors such as, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple and Brown. I used those colors because I was trying to use as many different colors as I could to make it as good and as perfect as I could. Fortunately for me, when you put my name in cursive, it has a lot of curvy and wavy lines. So, it was easy for me to make a cool kaleidoscope like design. With the curvy lines, it was simple to make shapes such as, diamonds, ovals and circles and then making up shapes. I was successful because, for me, it turned out better than I would have ever imagined. It would have been better if I had used colored pencils instead of markers, but it still looks good to me. I know it is symmetrical because if you fold it in half, or even fourths, it looks like a mirror image.