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Welcome to ElancOnline!

ElancOnline is the virtual learning experience provided by the Eastern Lancaster County School District.


ElancOnline is for students who:

  • Are in grades K-12 and are motivated and willing to take responsibility for their learning and have engaged guardians/parents.
  • Learn quickly OR need time for additional practice. The student determines the pace. At-risk students who need special attention receive the assistance they require.
  • Are currently residents in Eastern Lancaster County, who like the online flexibility, and who:
    • would like the opportunity to earn a diploma from Garden Spot High School.
    • enjoy the curricular and extracurricular advantages of being a student in ELANCO School District.
    • would like the opportunity to have face-to-face interactions with teachers and home technology support.
    • would like to have access to academic counseling and guidance when applying to post-secondary opportunities.


Please visit our Contact Us page to request more information about ElancOnline or to find out how to speak with an EOL Representative.


Elementary Orientation (Recording from 8/31/20 – Transcript)

Secondary Orientation (Recording from 8/28/20 – Transcript)



Elementary Grade Levels K-6 (Recording from 7/29/20)

Secondary Grade Levels 7-12 (Recording from 7/29/20)