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Dream Job: Elementary School Teacher

What Did You Get For Christmas?

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Spring Haiku

Flourishing farmlands. 

Finely fragranced flowers.

Freshly founded fun!


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Hatchet: Next Step

Bryan has just barely escaped from a downed plane.  The pilot of the small plane had suffered from a severe heart attack which led to death.  But, with extreme luck, Bryan was able to avoid rocks and trees, and managed to land in a lake.  Bryan escaped the plane with multiple bruises and following a short nap, was chewed up by thousands of mosquitoes and flies.

If I was in Bryan’s horrible situation, the next step for me would to try and walk around and get my strength back.  This would be my decision because after narrowly escaping death, I wouldn’t want to die from lack of food or shelter.  If I could get my strength back, I would have the ability to search for these basic needs.

My Favorite Books

I love reading.  Sometimes, I run out of new things to read, but then when I open a new book, I become absorbed in it once more.  I have multiple favorites that I have read and reread again.  Listed, are some books that passionate readers might enjoy.

  • “Harry Potter”

I enjoy the “Harry Potter” series due to J.K Rowling’s’ ability to create suspense and make the stories seem so realistic.

  • “The Chronicles Of Narnia”

“The Chronicles Of Narnia” involve adventure as well as trouble and the books are very enjoyable to read due to the style of writing.

  • “The Lost Track Of Time”

In “The Lost Track Of Time”, time slips away from Penelope and she goes on an adventure that puts her to the test.

  • “Turtle In Paradise”

This Newbery Honor Book, in my opinion, rightfully earned the award due to Jennifer Holm’s ability to entice the reader.

  • “The War That Saved My Life”

“The War That Saved My Life” takes place in the midst of World War II and involves a young girl’s determination in the war.

Cape Cod’s Piping Plovers!

All About Me: 2018

Maggie M.

Grade 6


My name is Maggie M..  I was born on February 14th, 2007 so, I’m still 11.  I have three brothers, Brendan, who is 15, Grayson, who is nearly 4, and Finley/Fin who is almost 2.  I have 2 cats, Pippa, who is a kitten and Three-Three/Ms. Three. Some of my hobbies are the flute, which I’ve been playing since 4th grade and reading.  Some of my favorite books are Harry Potter, and realistic fiction such as Turtle in Paradise, and The War That Saved My Life.


My favorite subject is ELA while my least favorite is Social Studies.   Last year in ELA, I found out my favorite word: bioluminescence.  


I am afraid of spiders, (shudder) and my family dying.  I LOVE bunnies, and books, especially Harry Potter. If I could have WHATEVER I wanted it would be a lot of money.  I would use it for multiple things such as charity. If I could live wherever I wanted I would live in Paris but honestly, I would be so happy to just live nextdoor to my mom and dad.  I wish I could change animal and people cruelty because it’s just not right.

Amelia Mary Earhart….

Have you ever heard of Amelia Earhart? She was the first woman to fly a plane across the Atlantic Ocean. Still wondering about her? If so, keep reading to find out more.


Amelia Mary Earhart was born on July 24th 1897 in Atchison, Kansas. Amelia and her sister Grace Muriel lived their grandparents because Amelia Otis, the grandmother, needed company and someone to distract her from the deaths of her mother, her son, and her daughter-in-law and also the poor mental state of her husband Alfred Otis. Amelia and Grace Muriel lived with their grandparents for 12 years. Amelia’s real parents were Edwin and Amy Earhart. Amelia’s dad also struggled with alcoholism. Before completing high school Amelia had gone to 3 different schools. One in St. Paul, Minnesota another in Springfield, Illinois and she also went to a private school.


On June 18-19 Amelia attempted to fly over the Atlantic Ocean from Newfoundland to Wales. She was successful! Then at age 34 in 1931, Amelia married George Putman. Then on July 2nd, 1937,  left for another flight across the ocean with a co-pilot Fred Noonan. Sadly, Amelia and Fred never arrived to their destination. Most people say that Amelia’s plane crashed but other people think that died because of something else.


“Courage is the price that life exacts for granting peace.”

Amelia Earhart


“Adventure is worthwhile in itself.”

Amelia Earhart


This information about Amelia Earhart was found here and here.


Can You Crack The Code?

A=Da-Pha-It^B=Yes-O-Ply^C=To-To-Red^D=Xo-Hunt-Plea^E=Uni-Wrote^F=Clara-Nut^G=Greet-Me-In-Era^H=Hi-Treaty-Vine^I=Fries-Burger-Keg^J=Jo-Go-Mint^K=Dump-Me-Hen^L=Kit-Ten-Blue-Bell^M=Big-Old-Ferret-Quality-N=Action Step^76=O^56=P^68=Q^62=R^55=S^90=T^92=U^8=V^21=W^79=X^60=Y^29=Z


!= A Space Between Letters That
Spell The Words


!!= Space Between Words                                   



21! Uni-Wrote!! Da-Pha-It! 62! Uni-Wrote!! Fries-Burger Keg! Action Step!! Clara Nut! 76! 92! 62! 90! Hi Treaty Vine!! Greet Me In Era! 62! Da-Pha-It! Xo-Hunt Plea! Uni Wrote!! –Info.

21! Hi-Treaty-Vine! Da-Pha-It! 90!! Great-Me-In-Era! 62! Da-Pha-It! Xo-Hunt-Plea! Uni-Wrote!! Da-Pha-It! 62! Uni-Wrote!! 60! 76! 92!! Fries-Burger-Keg! Action Step!! –Question

21! Hi-Treaty-Vine! Da-Pha-It! 90!! Fries-Burger-Keg! 55!! 60! 76! 92! 62!! Clara Nut! Da-Pha-It! 8! 76! 62! Fries-Burger-Keg! 90! Uni-Wrote!! 55! 92! Yes-O-Ply! Jo-Go-Mint! Uni-Wrote!To-To-Red! 90!! Fries-Burger-Keg! Action Step!! 55! To-To-Red! Hi-Treaty-Vine! 76! 76! Kit-Ten-Blue-Bell!! –Question

Fries-Burger-Keg! Action-Step!! 90! Hi-Treaty-Vine! Uni-Wrote!! To-To-Red! 76! Big-Old-Ferret-Quality! Big-Old-Ferret-Quality! Uni-Wrote! Action-Step! 90! 55!! 21! 62! Fries-Burger-Keg! 90! Uni-Wrote!! 21! Hi-Treaty-Vine! Da-Pha-It! 90!! 60! 76! 92!! 90! Hi-Treaty-Vine! Fries-Burger-Keg! Action-Step! Dump-Me-Hen! 90! Hi-Treaty-Vine! Uni-Wrote!! Da-Pha-It! Action-Step! 55! 2 1! Uni-Wrote! 62!! –Info


Yes-O-Ply! 60! Uni-Wrote!!



Martin Luther King Jr: Why Did He Give His Speech At The Lincoln Memorial

Have you heard of Martin Luther King Jr? He was a person of a different race and was treated differently than others. People like Martin Luther King Jr, who had a different skin color than the white, had to drink from different water fountains, go to different schools and enter through back doors of restaurants. Martin Luther King Jr gave the great “I Have A Dream” speech in front of the Lincoln Memorial. Do you wonder why? Read on to find out.


The Lincoln Memorial is to honor Abraham Lincoln who freed the slaves. The slaves were people of different race who were treated differently than white people. Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves because he thought that it wasn’t fair that other people were treated differently just because of the way they looked. Martin Luther King Jr did and thought nearly the same as Abraham Lincoln about treating people who were different.


         This is why I think that Martin Luther King Jr gave his famous “I Have A Dream” speech at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C.


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